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Kriya by Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan

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Classic Kundalini Yoga Sets, Meditations & Kriyas

This wonderful manual comprises many of the early kriyas and meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan back in the 1970’s – a time when Kundalini Yoga was still very new to the West and when students flocked from near and far to hear the revolutionary teachings and participate in the life-changing classes taught by the great Yogi.

Kundalini Yoga has an oral tradition dating back thousands of years. The first students of Yogi Bhajan took notes, made drawings and passed them on to others – the first time that this sacred science had ever been recorded and distributed in this way. It had never in all history been done this way before.

Early pioneers Guru Rattana PhD with her best selling illustrated manuals, Transitions to a Heart Centered World, Relax & Renew and Sexuality & Spirituality, and Gurucharan Singh with his Sadhana Guidelines, led the way. These books were revelations, with so many new kriyas and meditations to practice. Many practiced them all, such was their thirst for this new knowledge.

This new publication fills in many of the gaps, with a whole bunch of new material, and other material formerly published in the Intermediate Manual. Some of the models used are children of some of the original student-teachers inspired by Yogi Bhajan. You will find enjoyment in this manual and find many of the challenging kriyas and over 100 meditations uplifting.

The Kundalini is known as the nerve of the soul. This is to be awakened. Your soul is to be awakened. When soul gets awakened, there remains nothing....If your soul is awakened, what else do you need? - Yogi Bhajan

  • Book softcover 350 pages
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  • Publisher: KRI, Edition: 2013
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Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan

When Yogi Bhajan (Harbhajan Singh Puri) arrived in North America from India in 1968, be brought with him the ancient and powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga. Its introduction to the Western World broke an ancient tradition of secrecy. Traditionally these sacred teachings were passed from teacher to student in a very selective and elitist fashion and had never been taught anywhere publicly.



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