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Kundalini Yoga for Sexual Stamina

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What will it do for you?

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful technology that can be used to prepare for tantric sex.

To practice tantric sex both partners must be able to sustain their sexual energy and raise it up the spine to the heart center. This set helps one accomplish these goals by increasing sexual stamina and potency, distributing sexual energy up the spine and raising the energy of the first three chakras to the heart center.

At the heart center sexual energy becomes spiritual energy, and the couple are able to merge in the oneness of divine love.

How to do it:

Running in place.

1)Run in Place for 1 minute, in turn facing each direction, North, East, South, West. (i.e. 1 minute North, 1 minute East, etc.)

Body drops.

2)Body Drops with legs stretched out in front, for 1-2 minutes.

Lotus Pose.

3)Kundalini Lotus Pose: Balancing on buttocks, grasp feet and raise them, keeping arms and legs straight (holding on to big toes, if possible) with long, deep breathing for 2-3 minutes.

Spinal Flex in Easy Pose.

4a)Spinal Flex in Easy Pose for 2-3 minutes

4b)Spinal Flex in Easy Pose, five times per inhale, and 5 times per exhale, for 2-3 minutes.

Frog Squats.

5)Frog Squats, 54 of them. Squat in Frog Pose, heels raised and touching each other, fingertips on the floor, with arms straight between legs. Inhale, lift buttocks, lowering head to look at knees. Exhale, returning to original squat, head looking straight ahead, always keeping the heels raised and touching.

Camel Pose.

6)Camel Pose with Breath of Fire for 1 minute. Sit on heels, arch pelvis up, dropping head back, and grabbing heels. Press the pelvis forward.

Chair Pose.

7)Chair Pose, with long, deep breathing for 1 minute. (Squat and pass arms inside thighs, outside forelegs, hands on feet, and sit up as much as possible.) Continue with Breath of Fire for 1 more minute. Then inhale, exhale and apply Mulbhand (rootlock).

Maha Shakti Pose.

8)Maha Shakti Pose, with left foot 6" above right foot, with Breath of Fire for 2 minutes.

Stretch Pose.

9)Stretch Pose. On back raise head and hands 6" (arms & legs straight), and look at toes, with Breath of Fire for 2 mins.

Spinal Flex - Rock Pose.

10)Spinal Flex in Rock Pose, 108 times. Inhale as the spine arches forward, exhale as it contracts back.


11)Cat/Cow. On hands and knees, arms and thighs parallel to each other, and press the back up, dropping the head down (like a cat) as you exhale, then relax the back down and arch neck up on the inhale, 108 times.

Spinal Flex, Rock Pose, Hands in Venus Lock.

12)Spinal Flex in Rock Pose, with hands in Venus Lock behind the neck. On each inhale, press elbows to chest. 108 times.

On Back, extend chest, concentrate on Heart Chakra.

13)On Back, push chest up and out with 5-10 lbs of pressure, concentrating on the Heart Chakra for 2-3 minutes.

Long deep breathing, on back.

14)On Back, raise arms to 90° with long, deep breathing for 1 minute. Then inhale and draw tension to the chest and relax.

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