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Kundalini Yoga - Smiling Buddha Kriya

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Opening the Heart to Christ Consciousness

What will it do for you?

Historically, this is an outstanding Kundalini Yoga kriya. It was practiced by both Buddha and Christ. The great brahman who taught Buddha this kriya found him in a nearly starved, unhappy condition. Buddha was unable to walk after his 40 day fast under the fig tree. He began eating slowly and the great brahman fed him and massaged him. When Buddha finally began to smile again, the brahman gave him this (one) kriya to practice.

Jesus learned this in his travels, too. It was the first of many that he practiced. If you love a man as great as he, it is important to practice what he practiced in order to earn his state of consciousness.

You have probably seen this mudra in paintings and statues. It is a gesture and exercise of happiness, and it opens the flow of energy to the heart center.

You needn't worry about learning this kriya to be a Buddha or a Jesus - just learn it to be yourself! Be a little selfish for your higher consciousness. Master the technique and experience the state it brings. Then share it by creating beauty and peace around you.

How to do it:

smiling buddha
smiling buddha

Sit in Easy Pose. Bend ring and little fingers, pressing them down with the thumbs, keeping index and middle fingers straight, palms forward. Elbows are pressed back and a 30° angle is made between the upper arms and forearms, the forearms parallel to each other.

Concentrate at the 3rd Eye diligently, and mentally chant (at the 3rd Eye)

Sa  Ta  Na  Ma

Sa - Infinity, Ta - Life, existence, Na - Death, Ma - Rebirth, light, regeneration.

Make sure the elbows are pressed back and the chest is out. Continue for 11 minutes, then inhale deeply, exhale, open and close the fists several times, and relax.

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