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In this excerpt from Guru Rattana Online Videos, she explains and demonstrates Sat Kriya, a kriya fundamental to the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It is extremely effective at counteracting the effects of stress, strengthening your willpower, raising your Kundalini and activating your Navel Chakra. You will enjoy its full benefits by including at least 3 minutes of Sat Kriya in your daily practice.

She shares how to do Sat Kriya in a subtle, internal and most impacting way. She explains how to use the small muscles involved in the internal locks to adjust the spine and increase your internal energy flow. You will be amazed how this delicate approach enhances the energy released in your lower chakras and leads to awakening the light in your third eye.

The subtle simulation through the combination of muscle movements and the sound current of SAT NAM creates an awakening of consciousness. The intentional wave of the SAT up the spine to the 6th chakra, followed by the relaxed wave of the NAM returning down the spine, integrate the ascent and the descent of the Kundalini.

Sat Kriya is also effective for:

You will find full instructions for Sat Kriya in Guru Rattana's manual Transitions to a Heart-Centered World pp.60-61. Also available as an eBook.