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This meditation is very good for women and essential for anyone who is worried or upset and doesn’t know what to do, or when one feels like screaming, yelling, and acting foolishly. Before starting, drink a glass of water.

When unfocused or emotional, we should pay attention to our body’s water balance and breath rate. Humans are approximately 70 percent water, and behavior depends on the relation of water to earth, air, and ether. A water imbalance in the system puts pressure on the kidneys, which can cause worry and upset.

Drinking water, slowing the breath, pulling the shoulders up toward the ears, and tightly locking the entire upper area interrupts brain patterns that are causing conflict. After 2 or 3 minutes, thoughts will be there, but they no longer trigger strong emotional responses. This is a very effective method for balancing our mental, emotional, and physical states.

This exercise can be found under Meditation for Emotional Balance, in Guru Rattana's popular manual Relax and Renew - p.133. Also available as an eBook.