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Spinal flexes are one of the most basic Kundalini Yoga exercises. A great way to start your day, even if you can do only this one exercise.

Our heath and longevity is measured by the health of our spine. Doing spinal flexes for 1-3 minutes every day supports the spine in many ways, stretching your pectorals, maintaining flexibility, maintaining blood flow and activating the chakras located along the spine.

Done at the end of the work day, or even in your chair during work, will serve to relieve a lot of internal tension and prevent stiffness and sciatica. Done with a powerful inhale and exhale will oxygenate your entire body.

This is an easy exercise that can be done at any speed you like. The moderate to slow movement is optimal for stretching and elongating the spine on the forward and upward movement.

Spinal flexes form an integral part of many Kundalini Yoga exercise sets, or kriyas. Check out Guru Rattana's manual Relax and Renew pp.62-67 - Exercises for Maintaining a Flexible Spine. Also available as an eBook.