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Gurucharan Singh

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Gurucharan Singh Khalsa is a psychotherapist, teacher and writer, and is a world recognized expert in the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga. He is a business consultant, therapist, MIT instructor and director of a large community of yoga practitioners. Today, he is a leading expert in Kundalini Yoga and meditation and his passion for teaching this ancient form of yoga insures that, through his work, he is able to continue assisting people in great numbers.

Gurucharan Singh

Dr. Khalsa is an acknowledged expert in the mind and in the applied psychology of meditation and peak performance. His consultancy services are retained by top companies such as Arthur Andersen and Mercer. His professional focus is on executive coaching, conflict resolution, stress management, creativity and interfacing high information technology systems with optimal human performance.

He has managed to bridge two different perspectives: The hard sciences, which he learned in mathematics and chemistry at Harvey Mudd College and graduate mathematics studies at Claremont Graduate School; and the human sciences, which he studied at Boston University for a master's in counseling. He subsequently went on to complete a doctorate in psychology.


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Sadhana Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga
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Las 21 Etapas de la Meditacion ebook by Gurucharan Singh
Las 21 Etapas de la Meditacion ebook
Gura para Sadhana de Kundalini Yoga ebook by Gurucharan Singh
Gura para Sadhana de Kundalini Yoga ebook