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Self-Awareness Level Deep Training

Guru Rattana Workshops

Open a New Window on Your Practice

Level Deep training with Guru Rattana, Ph.D., is on a level beyond what is being taught elsewhere, a humanized and nurturing approach to the teachings, based on her individual and well developed intuitive feelings, and reflecting her own experiences from over 40 years of daily practice.

She transcends the rigid military-style war with your body, one-method-fits-all approach, that many of you will have previously encountered. Those who have studied her best-selling books will certainly be familiar with her gentler and effective alternative philosophy.

In the course of her workshops, Guru Rattana will lead you through a profound process of self-awareness training, using Kundalini Yoga to exit your conflictual thinking mind while awakening the faculty of consciousness in your neutral mind.

Using her many unique insights and advanced meditative techniques you will gain a new and compassionate perspective of the human ego and, in the process, discover a whole new world of self-awareness and self-love.

This will form the foundation for your evolution from a limited ego to awakened soul consciousness.

As an added bonus, each subscriber will receive lifetime access to a video recording of the event, fully edited to improve continuity, remove distracting background noise and optimize overall quality and enjoyment. Each video is divided into 4 easy-to-access segments for easy viewing and repeated practice.

Guru Rattana's teachings have changed my life. The way she translates ancient science into modern day life in an intelligent, thoughtful, loving and concise manner allows these teachings to integrate seamlessly both on and off the mat. Her classes are a true treasure that never ceases to fill the heart, balance the mind, and allow the spirit to "fly!" -