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Kundalini Yoga Breath Kriya

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What will it do for you?

This Kundalini Yoga kriya or set opens the pranic channels and balances the breath in the two sides of your body. It is often practiced before a more strenuous, physical exercise. It is great to do by itself whenever you need a quick lift and a clear mind. It strengthens the nervous system, energizes, calms and balances.

How to do it:

long deep breathing, right nostril

1)Sit in Easy Pose. Make an antenna of the right hand fingers and block the right nostril with the thumb. Begin long deep breathing through the left nostril for 3 minutes. Inhale - - - hold for 10 seconds.

long deep breathing, left nostril

2)Repeat the first exercise, but use the left hand and breathe through the right nostril. Continue for 3 minutes. Inhale - - - hold for 10 seconds.

alternate nostril breathing

3)Alternate Nostril Breathing. Inhale through the left nostril, exhale through the right using long deep breaths. Use the thumb and the little finger to close alternate nostrils.


4)Repeat exercise 3), except inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left.

breath of fire

5)Sit in Easy Pose with hands on knees, thumbs and forefingers touching, elbows straight. Begin Breath of Fire. Totally center yourself at the brow point. Continue with regular powerful breath for 2 to 7.5 minutes. Then inhale, circulating the energy. Relax or meditate for 5 minutes, then chant long Sat Nam's for at least 3, but up to 11 minutes if you want.

long sat nam music

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