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For Ecstasy and Protection

What will it do for you?

Do this meditation when you are feeling down. Dreams will become clear. It is a delicate meditation that can be done for short periods. 1), 2), & 3) lead to a state of ecstasy and create a protective shield around you.

How to do it:

Dr Feelgood 1

1)Concentrating at the root of the nose, inhale in 3 parts, silently chanting:
Sat Nam
Sat Nam
Sat Nam

Dr. Feelgood 2

Hold the breath briefly, then exhale, turning head over alternate shoulders, chanting
Wahe over right shoulder, and
Guru over left.

Relax and work with the prana and sound current. You'll feel good right away, and feel the energy of all the planets.
Continue for 7 minutes.

Dr. Feelgood 3

2)Legs out in front, grasp big toes and totally relax, especially the shoulders, focussing at Ajna (Brow) Chakra.
This bathes the forebrain. (Time was unspecified)

3)Repeat #1

Dr. Feelgood 4

4)Make the hands into a lotus. With long deep breathing fill these hands with fire, making a fire torch. Look at nose tip and thumbs.
(Time unspecified).

Transitions to a Heart Centered World

Transitions to a Heart Centered World

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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