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Index of Kriyas & Meditations

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This is a full list of sample kriyas and meditations from Guru Rattana books. We may augment this list in the future. Also, check out our Kundalini Yoga Videos.

4/4 Energizing Breath

Do this Kundalini Yoga exercise at a break in the action of the game. It will relax and energize you, and help combat encroaching fatigue and excess emotionality.

7-Wave Meditation

Gradually build this meditation until you can do it for at least 31 minutes. Your mind will be cleansed like a sandy beach washed gently by ocean waves.

Anger Set

Helps deal with the major stress of ill-placed anger on the glands, brain & pituitary. It adjusts the glandular system.

Basic Breathing

Kriya for opening the pranic channels and balancing the breath. It is great to do by itself whenever you need a quick lift and a clear mind. It also strengthens your nervous system, energizes, calms and balances.

Dr. Feelgood

Do this kriya and meditation when you are feeling down. It can be done for short periods, leads to a state of ecstasy, and creates a protective shield around you.

Heart Opener

This kriya opens your heart center by emotional cleansing, meditation on the Self and connecting your navel center and third eye with your heart.


This powerful Kundalini Yoga kriya will stimulate your kidneys, balance your lower three chakras, strengthen your navel point, open your pelvic area, create a flow of energy between your spine and first three chakras and create a relationship between your navel center and heart.

Long Sat Nams

This Kundalini Yoga meditation completely neutralizes inner tension, putting you in a state of extreme relaxation.

Nabhi Kriya

Focuses on developing the strength of your navel point. Together, these exercises will quickly get your abdominal area in great shape.

Prana-Apana Balance

The many effects of this kriya are both delicate and subtle. Mixing prana and apana at the navel point can release the power of your Kundalini.

Raise Kundalini

This powerful kriya forms an excellent preparation for deep meditation, opens all your chakras, and helps both men and women boost their sexual energy levels.

Sat Kriya

Fundamental to Kundalini Yoga, Sat Kriya should be practiced daily for at least 3 minutes. It will strengthen your entire sexual system, stimulating its natural energy flow, relaxing sexual phobias, enabling control of the sexual impulse, and rechanneling the energy to creative and healing activities.

Sitali Pranayam - Sexual Energy

A well-known and popular Kundalini Yoga practice, Sitali Pranayam soothes and cools the spine near the 4th, 5th and 6th vertebrae, which in turn regulates sexual and digestive energy.

Sexual Potency

Sexual experience in correct consciousness can give you the experience of God and bliss. This kriya generates sexual energy, and transmutes it into a force for internal healing.

Sexual Stamina

To practice tantric sex both partners must be able to sustain their sexual energy, and raise it up the spine to the heart center. This kriya increases sexual stamina and potency, distributing sexual energy up the spine and raising the energy of the first three chakras.

Smiling Buddha

Master this meditative technique, open the flow of energy to your heart center, and share it by creating an aura of beauty and peace all around you.

Venus Triangle

Ends disputes and re-establishes partner relationships.

Young, Powerful & Special

Meditation for youthfullness, power and feeling special. It will also help you sleep.

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