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Kundalini Yoga Meditation to become Young, Powerful and Special

(and to Sleep)

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What will it do for you?

To optimize the effects of this Kundalini Yoga exercise to become young, powerful and special, you should insure that your fingers are firmly contacting the hands, tips to mounds, and that your thumbs are stretched back. It will hurt because the ego is being stretched.

Practice only when you have a long time with nothing to do upon completion, because one of the side effects is to make you want to sleep.

How to do it:

young, powerful and special

In Easy Pose, with upper arms relaxed at sides, elbows bent and forearms straight out from the body, parallel to the ground and each other, hands in fists with thumbs extended straight up and pulled slightly toward the body.

Inhale deeply, completely exhale and hold the breath out while the entire mantra

Sa Ta Na Ma
Sa Ta Na Ma
Sa Ta Na Ma
Sa Ta Na Ma

is mentally vibrated. Inhale and repeat, eyes 1/10 open, for 11 minutes.

Begin with 11 minutes, and then extend gradually to 22 minutes. Continue extending up to 31 minutes (the maximum time).

Transitions to a Heart Centered World

Transitions to a Heart Centered World

by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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