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The Moon She Rocks You (eBook)

The Moon She Rocks You (eBook) by Gurutej Kaur

Gurutej Kaur


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Revealing the Secrets of Women's Inner Emotions

Have you noticed that some days you feel strong and powerful and can take on the entire universe and other days you want to find a bathroom to hide in and cry? Why is that? This book will give you many tools, techniques and tips to restore your balance so you can easily access the gifts of each Moon Center.

This is not a shield to hide behind, but information to make you more aware, informed, and complete with support tools that will make you more powerful as a woman.

“Had I known how revealing this was and what great solutions for my problems, I would have willingly paid you almost anything.” -

Women are ruled by the moon. Like the moon, women are a mystery. We have a dark unseen side and another that’s fully lit. We change cycles every 2.5 days. We have tides like the ocean, and we call our menstrual cycle, our moon cycle. The Moon Centers show us various points in our body that correspond to certain feelings and moods we may experience during the 28-day lunar cycle.

The cycle of the moon plays with these points of your body. What I would like to accomplish in this book is to explain these points; show where they reside in a woman’s body and reveal what the locations mean for each of these Moon Centers. But this book is not only about knowing what and where the Moon Centers are in your body, it’s also about revealing how their cycles can be used to your advantage. This book will give you a preview of some tools and tips you can utilize to help balance these Centers and to activate them.

“What an amazing program! I am still learning more every day. That is what I call a good deal; the program that keeps giving me more.” -

With The Moon She Rocks You, you can use a chart of the body and check it each day to see where you think you are in the cycle. You will also get in depth information on the negative, positive, and neutral aspects of each Moon Center and how these play out with ways for balancing each of them. With practice, you can make great use of the Moon Centers in your life.

Gurutej Kaur

For over 40 years, Gurutej Kaur has been teaching people in the US, Canada and Europe how to connect to their higher consciousness through Kundalini Yoga, chanting, meditation and healing. She specializes in pre and postnatal yoga, and yoga for women and children. In 1998, along with Gurmukh, she founded the Golden Bridge Yoga Center in Los Angeles. Every day she lives the meaning of her Sikh name, which translates as "the one who brings you from darkness into light."


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