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Gurutej Kaur - Leading Teacher

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For over 40 years, Gurutej Kaur has been teaching people in the US, Canada and Europe how to connect to their higher consciousness through Kundalini Yoga, chanting, meditation and healing. She specializes in pre and postnatal yoga, and yoga for women and children. In 1998, along with Gurmukh, she founded the Golden Bridge Yoga Center in Los Angeles. Every day she lives the meaning of her Sikh name, which translates as "the one who brings you from darkness into light."

Gurutej Kaur

In 1969 Gurutej met Yogi Bhajan, the great guru credited with bringing the secrets of Kundalini Yoga to the United States. It was Yogi Bhajan’s aim to offer instruction and spiritual guidance to aspiring teachers in order to spread this technology, and Gurutej emerged as one of his first graduates. She is now considered a foremost authority and internationally recognized as one of a handful of Kundalini Yoga Masters.

She knew from a very early age that her destiny lay in leading others to greatness. She told her mother just that when a six-year-old. Creative, a born leader and free spirited thinker, she is also direct, funny and full of mischief, with bright blue eyes and a wicked smile!


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