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The 21 Stages of Meditation

The 21 Stages of Meditation by Gurucharan Singh

Gurucharan Singh

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Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

The 21 Stages of Meditation by Gurucharan Singh is an awesome publication which will inspire and motivate you, and give you guidance while you work on expanding your practice and deepening your experience and understanding. Learn to recognize your strengths as a meditator, clarify the actual process, and discover the steps you need to take to continue your learning process.

Based on the Kundalini Yoga teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the book explains everything - scientifically, mentally, & spiritually. It is equally effective both for those beginning to meditate (so they know that what they experience is "normal") and also for more experienced meditators. You may have some experiences differing from those detailed within, but that does not mean you not following the instructions. Meditative experiences can vary greatly from individual to individual and even from day to day.

The stages described range from Upset to Boredom, to Humility, Graceful Enlightenment and the Sage. You will learn how to explore these stages and more during three distinct meditative journeys which culminate in the pinnacle of contemplative awareness - Stage 21 - The Infinite Pulse.

Use The 21 Stages of Meditation every day to change your life - forever!

I've known Gurucharan for twenty years and appreciate his intelligence, devotion and humanity, all of which are present in this excellent book. You can trust what he says about meditation, and especially about the obstacles most people run into as they learn how to meditate. The book is outstanding: clear, flowing, concrete, useful and deeply authoritative. It is obviously rooted in experience, study and devotion to a tradition. It's not an easy subject to write about, but Gurucharan does it with both style and substance.

  • Book softcover 417 pages
  • ISBN: 9781934532775
  • Publisher: KRI, Edition: 2012
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Gurucharan Singh

Gurucharan Singh

Guru Charan Singh is a psychotherapist, teacher and writer, business consultant, MIT instructor and the director of a large community of yoga practitioners. Today, he is a world-recognized expert in the science and technology of the Kundalini Yoga and meditation of Yogi Bhajan, and his passion for teaching this ancient form of yoga insures that, through his work, he is able to continue assisting people in great numbers.



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