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Chris Kilham, Author, Medicine Hunter, TV Personality.

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Christopher (Chris) S. Kilham, born July 22 1952, is a teacher of yoga, meditation, and natural health, an author, medicine hunter, educator and world-traveler, and is a Fox News alternative medicine presenter and columnist. He has conducted medicinal research across 5 continents and in the South Pacific, and has been described as a cross between Indiana Jones and British TV personality David Attenborough. He has authored many articles and 14 books, including The Five Tibetans. He lives in Leverett, Massachusetts.

Kilham is a yoga teacher and conference speaker. His yoga book, The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power, has been a bestseller for 20 years and has been translated into 27 languages including Spanish – Los Cinco Tibetanos.

Kilham has a Mind Body Disciplines degree from University of Massachusetts-Amherst, a major that he designed himself. He has taught ethnobotany there since 2000 with a title of “Explorer in Residence. ” He leads the regular Shaman’s Pharmacy Amazon Field Immersion Course, an expedition to the Peruvian rainforest. Students can experience the Amazon while learning about sustainability, shamanism, and the local medicinal plants.

He is the founder of Medicine Hunter Inc., through which he travels to locate native medicinal plants and to set up cultivation methods and fair systems of trade with indigenous peoples. This venture is sponsored by ethical companies such as Naturex, a French supplier of plant extracts.

Kilham is recognized as a chief in the South Pacific. He researches and promotes psychoactive and psychedelic plants used in traditional shaman rituals, including kava and ayahuasca. He is an activist in the movement to legalize marijuana.