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The Miracle Of Healing Hands

The Miracle of Healing Hands by Waheguru Singh Khalsa Dc

Waheguru Singh Khalsa DC

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Breakthrough Healing and Massage Techniques!

The Miracle of Healing Hands by Waheguru Singh Khalsa, leading chiropractic doctor, delivers hope, promise and change, taking you one step at a time along the path to natural healing using ancient yogic techniques. For the beginner, it provides a foundation and sure footage to travel the path. For the licensed practitioner, it provides reminders of timeless truths, and attitudes which are healing in themselves.

Hands-on healing is not a skill that some people are born with. It is, as its name implies, the simple act of placing the hands on the body with the intent to heal. If you care about people you can soon learn to heal with confidence and joy.

This invaluable reference manual contains 35 step-by-step techniques to teach you how to improve the body and mind of family and friends. Over 275 illustrations and photos clearly show you the most effective healing techniques - from foot reflexology, to body drumming, to meditation.

In The Miracle of Healing Hands you will discover how to:

Not just a rehash of the same old material. This book is very innovative with techniques not found anywhere else. I appreciate the originality of your work. -
This book is easy to read and clear to follow. It gets my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. It is now on my required reading list for students and professionals who want to deepen their experience and understanding of healing. -
Dr. Waheguru has written an invaluable guidebook to the miracles of touch and massage. This is a "how-to" manual for both professional massage practitioners and friends or family members who want to give more than a perfunctory back rub. -
I'm so glad I own this hands-on healing book. My wife and I exchange short massages from the Quicktouch chapter and boy, do we have our favorites. -
Waheguru Singh Khalsa DC

Waheguru Singh Khalsa, D.C., has advanced training in oriental medicine which includes using herbs to enhance his patients' well-being. He began studying Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan in 1972. For over 30 years he has maintained a practice in Los Angeles, combining the techniques from his book, The Miracle of Healing Hands, with chiropractic adjustments, diet and nutritional counseling and Kundalini Yoga.


  • Book softcover 224 pages
  • ISBN: 9780965849746
  • Publisher: Rishi Knot Publishers, Edition: 1997
  • Catalog: P05001
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