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Kundalini Meditation Music

Kundalini Meditation Music by Snatam Kaur | Joseph Michael Levry - Gurunam

Snatam Kaur | Joseph Michael Levry - Gurunam

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Music to Inspire Healing and Harmony in Your Life

Cultivate inner peace and outer harmony with the power of sacred sound. Kundalini Meditation Music featuring Snatam Kaur offers seven, uniquely focused chants, mantras and gong tones selected for their beneficial effect on relationships, prosperity, health, and more.
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Infused with the pure energy and bliss of artists steeped in the Kundalini tradition, this album weaves heartfelt vocals with ancient and modern instrumentation to create a vibrational bridge that connects your deepest dreams and aspirations to reality.

Whether you chant along or simply listen, Kundalini Meditation Music is an invitation to manifest your highest potential and inspire your spiritual evolution.

Includes booklet with full lyrics and practice instructions to enrich your listening experience.

  01Heal (Ra Ma Da Sa) - Snatam Kaur13:31
  02Prosper (Har Har Gobinday) - Gurunam12:21
  03Mother (Ma) - GuruGanesha Singh10:41
  04Power of Prayer - So Purkh- Nirinjan Kaur09:12
  05Miracle (Guru Ram Das) - Mirabai Ceiba12:56
  06Universe (Universal Gong) - Harijiwan Khalsa11:02
  07Blessings - Singh Kaur09:05
  • Audio CD running time = 78:48
  • UPC: 600835136822
  • Manufacturer: Sounds True. Released: 2009
  • Catalog: CD19501
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5 x 0.4 inches (14.0 x 12.7 x 1.0 cm)
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Snatam Kaur

With the release of Prem, Snatam Kaur announced the beginning of her solo career and, under the wing of wizard producer Thomas Barquee, many popular CDs followed. Mantra aficionados rushed to buy her albums – Shanti, Grace, Anand, Live in Concert, Liberation’s Door, Ras, Feeling Good Today (the soundtrack for her children's DVD - Shanti the Yogi), Divine Birth, Evening Prayer and her latest release Sat Nam – songs from the Khalsa Youth Camps.


Joseph Michael Levry - Gurunam

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) has spent over 30 years studying, researching and teaching the sacred sciences of Kundalini Yoga and Kabbalah. He is the founder of Naam Yoga and is a prolific writer and recording artist, having published a substantial number of books and mantra CDs.


Guru Ganesha

Guru Ganesha Singh - songwriter, musician, recording artist, entrepreneur and founder of Spirit Voyage and of the Guru Ganesha Band, was an enthusiastic participant in the 1960's rock and roll explosion. When he embraced Sikhism and the Kundalini Yoga of Yogi Bhajan, he brought his love of Western music to the Eastern traditions of his new Sikh lifestyle. He was one of the pioneers of the new genre of Kundalini Yoga mantra meditation music, and since that time he has contributed greatly to its on-going growth and development.


Nirinjan Kaur

Born Vancouver, BC, February 1988 to a Sikh family, Nirinjan Kaur was brought up with music and Kundalini Yoga. She is now a seasoned professional musician with a string of albums to her name, as well as a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.


Mirabai Ceiba

Angelika Baumbach & Markus Sieber met in Scotland at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2001. They were drawn by a deep musical connection, and in the practice of Kundalini Yoga, and now perform together as Mirabai Ceiba, expressing their hearts through music and sacred chant. When they are not touring, they live with their daughters, Alina and Pema, in Colorado, USA.


Singh Kaur

The late Singh Kaur (Lorellei, Laura Drew) was a singer-composer-arranger of rare magnitude. Well-respected and loved by all who knew her, she was in possession of both a keen compositional mind and a soothing, crystal clear voice. Her live concerts uplifted and inspired many, and her wonderful recordings continue to do so.



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