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Hargopal Kaur

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Hargopal Kaur, having had a career in aerospace, has moved on from physics to metaphysics, studying space in the infinitesimal realm to the space in which our planet inhabits, and the space of existence and relationships. She also wandered into Kundalini Yoga over 30 years ago, and found herself a new home in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

Hargopal Kaur

It was a natural progression to incorporate Sat Nam Rasayan in her practice. This ancient healing modality, based on subtlety and deep awareness, allows a dance of consciousness! Hargopal maintains a private healing practice as well as offering healing and yoga workshops, facilitating family constellations, and serving private clients. She also compiles books based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.

Her passion is to uplift and help people grow and feel better – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through her own meditative practice, and having studied with Yogi Bhajan, Guru Dev Singh, and the brilliant psychoanalyst Bert Hellinger, she is focused on emptying herself so that she can clearly, neutrally, compassionately serve.

Hargopal Kaur is based in Los Angeles and teaches in the US, Canada, and Europe.


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Your Own Infinity by Yogi Bhajan
Your Own Infinity
Merging with the Infinite by Yogi Bhajan
Merging with the Infinite
Laws of Life by Yogi Bhajan
Laws of Life