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What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga, dynamic in practice and powerful in experience, refines all the physical, mental and spiritual attributes of yoga into one potent and cohesive system. Compared to other yogas it has a much broader emphasis on breathing, meditation, hand positions (mudras), chanting (mantra), and spirituality.

Guru Rattana in Czech Republic

It is based on kriyas, or specially formulated sets of exercises incorporating all of the above, from which you will experience faster results, and enjoy greater benefits, than those you can expect from the performing of random postures or poses. Their goals and effects are much more precise, allowing you to target specific areas and concentrate on exactly those aspects of yourself that you choose to focus and work on at any point in time.

"Sometimes after a single 3-minute Kundalini Yoga exercise I feel more energized and more purified than I do after a 90-minute Hatha class!" -

Both safe and effective, Kundalini Yoga is the ideal form of yoga for people who want to experience an immediate feel good effect and also enjoy the long term benefits offered by a relaxed and uplifted consciousness. Some of the more advanced sequences can be very intense and physically demanding. However, in Guru Rattana’s Books you will also find many less-demanding but equally effective exercises suitable both for beginners and for others who, by reason of physiology, age or disability, may need to follow a more moderate and less intense form of practice.

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Finding a Teacher

There is an established world-wide network of certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers. However, teachers are not always conveniently located and, in any case, some students prefer to practice in the privacy of their own homes. Guru Rattana Online, our Kundalini Yoga streaming video service, is ideal in such situations. Currently there are 78 lessons available 24/7 – over 130 hours of world-class instruction suitable for students at all levels – which can be accessed through an economic monthly or annual subscription. All you require is a place to practice and a computer or i-Pad or smart phone with a broadband connection.

Rewards of Regular Practice

Regular practice can greatly speed up your spiritual awakening. It can also be addictive – once the effects and benefits are experienced, then the student wants more, so the practice becomes largely self-sustaining. The key is to do it gradually, listen to your body, stop when it tells you, but above all, persevere. The student of soon becomes adept at perceiving the movement of energy within and outside of his/her body, and with this awareness, consciously begins to direct and optimize its flow.

New students report immediate benefits – many report the reduction or even elimination of back pain – some feel more relaxed and better able to handle stress – some find they have a more positive sense of self and well being. Some report all three and more. The rewards from regular practice can be profound: mind, body, emotions and spirit are positively affected and uplifted.

Although some practitioners of Kundalini Yoga have adopted the Sikh faith, the practice is fundamentally non-religious, and equally suitable for those of all faiths and none. It provides a firm inner foundation for a spiritual life, awakening your soul and spirit, no matter which religion, if any, you may choose to follow.

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