Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for all - 25 Years Online with Guru Rattana PhD

List of Guru Rattana Online Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Meditations

To better illustrate the breadth of teachings contained within Guru Rattana Online, you will find below a complete list of the kriyas and meditations taught in her classes. None of these titles is clickable. However, once you subscribe you will have access to a fully clickable index linked directly to our videos. If you already have the books then you can use them to follow the sets as you watch Guru Rattana. If you wish to purchase a book, simply click on its name and you will be taken to the relevant product page at our online store. Books are available in both printed and e formats.

Transitions to a Heart Centered World by Guru Rattana PhD
Alligator Set - pp.96-97 (1st Edition - pp.74-75)
Aura Set - p.116 (1st Edition - p.94)
Auric Balance and Nerve Strength Kriya - p.121 (1st Edition - p.99)
Balancing Head and Heart - p.78 (1st Edition - p.56)
Balancing the Depository System - pp.90-91 (1st Edition - pp.68-69)
Breath Meditation - p.173 (1st Edition - p.151)
Clean Lymphatics & Adjust Lower Back - p.87 (1st Edition - p.65)
Cleansing the Lymph Glands - pp.88-89 (1st Edition - pp.66-67)
Deep Meditation to Open Heart Center - p.153 (1st Edition - p.131)
Dr. Feelgood for Ecstasy & Protection - p.157 (1st Edition - p.135)
Electromagnetic Field Set #2 - p.115 (1st Edition - p.93)
Exercise Set for Electromagnetic Frequency - p.117 (1st Edition - p.95)
Fish Fry Kriya - p.99 (1st Edition - p.77)
Happiness in the Circle of 8 Meditation - p.158 (1st Edition - p.136)
Heart and Soul - p.77 (1st Edition - p.55)
Heart Connection Kriya - p.76 (1st Edition - p.54)
Heart of Gold - p.81 (1st Edition - p.59)
Heart Opener - p.75 (1st Edition - p.53)
Heart Shield Meditation - p.147 (1st Edition - p.125)
Heart's Delight - p.80 (1st Edition - p.58)
Humble Prayer - Ardas Bayee - from Set for Immunity - pp.92-93
Kriya for Disease Resistance - pp.100-101 (1st Edition - p.78-79)
Kriya for Magnetic Field and Heart Center - pp.118-119 (1st Edition - pp.96-7)
Kriya for Physical and Mental Vitality - p.69 (1st Edition - p.47)
Last Meditation - Wahe Guru - p.160 (1st Edition - p.138)
Lotus Kriya Meditation to Cross All Adversities - p.151 (1st Edition - p.129)
Magic Mantra Meditation - p.182 (1st Edition - p.159)
Mantra Extension Yoga, Meditation - p.180 (1st Edition - p.157)
Meditation for Gurprasad - p.167 (1st Edition - p.145)
Meditation to Make One Younger - p.114 (1st Edition - p.92)
Navel Strengthening & Creative Energy Kriya - pp.56-57 (1st Edition - pp.36.37)
Opportunity & Green Energy Set - pp.124-125 (1st Edition - pp.102-103)
Praan Adhaar Kriya - p.159 (1st Edition - p.137)
Prana-Apana Balance - pp.64-65 (1st Edition - p.42-43)
Pranic Meditation - p.142 (1st Edition - p.120)
Preparation for Deep Meditation - pp.122-123 (1st Edition - pp.100-101)
Prosperity Meditation - p.165 (1st Edition - p.143)
Ra Ma Da Sa Meditation - pp.174-175 (1st Edition - p.152)
Remove Negativity - p.107 (1st Edition - p.85)
Set for Immunity - pp.92-93 (1st Edition - pp.70-71)
Short Set to Balance Prana & Apana - p.68 (1st Edition - p.46)
Smiling Buddha Kriya - p.155 (1st Edition - p.133)
Sun energy - p.54 (1st Edition - p.34)
Relax and Renew by Guru Rattana Phd
4/4 Breath for Energy - p.136 (1st Edition - p.93)
Anger Set, Kriya - pp.96-97 (1st Edition - pp.56-57)
Anti-Hypertension Meditation - p.131 (1st Edition p.88)
Drib Dristi Meditation - p.138 (1st Edition - p.95)
Elimination (Apana) Exercises - pp.112-113 (1st Edition - pp.72-73)
Exercise Set for Relaxation and Releasing Fear - pp.82-83 (1st Edition - pp.42-43)
Exercise Set for the Liver, Colon and Stomach - pp.108-110 (1st Edition pp.68-70)
Kirtan Kriya Meditation - p.177 (1st Edition - p.133)
Kriya for Elimination - p.111 (1st Edition - p.71)
Kriya for Nerve Balance - p.86 (1st Edition - p.46)
Kriya for Regeneration - pp.76-77 (1st Edition - pp.36-37)
Maha Karma Kriya - p.183 (1st Edition - p.139)
Maha Karma Shabhavi Kriya - p.183 (1st Edition - p.139)
Meditation - For Concentration in Action - p.141 (1st Edition - p.98)
Meditation - Mahan Kal Kriya - p.186 (1st Edition - p.142)
Meditation for Depression & Dealing with Life - p.179 (1st Edition - p.135)
Meditation for Inner & Outer Vision - p.172 (1st Edition - p.128)
Meditation for Self Reliance - pp.84-85 (1st Edition - pp.44-45)
Memory Kriya 2 - p.89 (1st Edition - p.49 - Set for the Memory)
Natal Rebirthing Meditation - p.165 (1st Edition - p.121)
Personality, Nerves & Perception, Kriya - p.92 (1st Edition - p.52)
Quick Memory Kriya - p.87 (1st Edition - p.47 - Memory Gland Set)
Relaxation Series to Remove Negativity & Tension - p.78 (1st Edition - p.38)
Seraba Sud Meditation - p.168 (1st Edition - p.124)
Set for Kidneys, Kriya - pp.100-101 (1st Edition - pp.60-61)
Set for State of Mind and Paranoia - pp-80-81 (1st Edition - pp.40-41)
Seven Wave Sat Nam - p.142 (1st Edition - p.99)
Shakti-Bhakti Meditation - p.186 (1st Edition - p.142)
Sitali Pranayam - p.140 (1st Edition - p.97 - Sitali Breath Meditation)
Skull & Pelvic Bone Adjustment Kriya - pp.70-71 (1st Edition - pp.30-31)
Skull and Pelvic Bone Adjustment, set 2 - pp.72-73 (1st Edition - pp.32-33)
Stress Set for Adrenals and Kidneys - pp.98-99 (1st Edition - pp.58-59)
To Remove Negativity, Kriya - p.145 (1st Edition - p.102)
Ungali Pranayam Meditation - p.169 (1st Edition - p.125)
Warm Up Exercise Set - p.55 (1st Edition - p.14)
Sexuality and Spirituality by Guru Rattana PhD
15 Minute Morning Set - p.46 (1st Edition - p.22)
Accelerating Spiritual Growth, Meditation - p.163 (1st Edition - p.136)
Basic Human Capacity Workout - p.82 (1st Edition - p.58)
Basic Warm Up Kriya - p.41 (1st Edition - p.17)
Beauty Series, Kriya - p.89 (1st Edition - p.65)
Bridge Series (Power to Heart) - p.78 (1st Edition - p.54)
Daily Exercises for Beauty, Radiance & Grace - pp.94-5 (1st Edition - pp.70-71)
Ek Ong Kar Meditation - p.64 (1st Edition - p.40)
Guraka Kriya - p.65 (1st Edition - p.41)
Kriya - Thyroid & Throat Center - pp.100-101 (1st Edition - pp.76-77)
Kriya for Elimination & Circulation - pp.80-81 (1st Edition - pp. 56-57)
Kriya for the Instinctual Self - pp.50-51 (1st Edition - pp.26-27)
Kriya for the Skin - p.92 (1st Edition - p.68)
Kundalini Class for Partners & Groups - pp.134-135 (1st Edition - pp.110-111)
Kundalini Kriya - p.61 (1st Edition - p.37)
Kundalini Meditation for Beauty & Relaxation - p.113 (1st Edition - p.89)
Kundalini Set #2 - pp.54-55 (1st Edition - pp.30-31)
Kundalini Set #3 - pp.56-57 (1st Edition - pp.32-33)
Laya Yoga - Ek Ong Kara Meditation - p.151 (1st Edition - p.124)
Laya Yoga - Ong Sohung - p.78 (1st Edition - p.54)
Laya Yoga Meditation on Stillness and Projection - p.155 (1st Edition - p.128)
Maa Sexual Transformation Meditation - p.156 (1st Edition - p.129)
Mahan Kal Kriya Meditation (to Lighten the Body) - p.169 (1st Edition - p.142)
Meditation for Surrender - p.167 (1st Edition - p.123)
Meditative Kundalini Set #6 - p.60 (1st Edition - p.36)
Neck Series and Thyroid Kriya - p.102 (1st Edition - p.78)
Ong Meditation for Power, Beauty & Youth - p.115 (1st Edition - p.91)
Pet Ardas (Mul Mantra) Meditation - p.162 (1st Edition - p.135)
Pineal Gland Kriya - p.77 (1st Edition - p.53)
Pituitary Set #3 - p.75 (1st Edition - p.51)
Pituitary Set #4 - p.76 (1st Edition - p.52)
Preparation for Meditation, Kriya - pp.85-85 (1st Edition - pp.60-61)
Sex Energy Transformation Kriya - pp.62-64 (1st Edition - pp.38-40)
Thyroid Kriya - p.102 (1st edition - p.78)
Your Life is in Your Chakras by Guru Rattana PhD
Activate Pituitary Gland - pp.287-288
Jod Kriya for Heart Chakra - p.311
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 1 by Guru Rattana PhD
Basic Spinal Energy Series - pp.101-102
Brainwave Meditation - p.140
Pranayama to Release Addictive Urges and Thoughts - p.148
Sat Kriya - pp.103-104
Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 2 by Guru Rattana PhD
Awakening to Your Ten Bodies, Kriya - pp.120-121
Har Prosperity Meditation - p.132
Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, Meditation - pp.160-162
The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD
Guru Ram Das Healing Meditation - p.201
Guru Rattana's Sadhana - pp.193-199
Mother Power Meditation - p.245
The Masters Touch by Yogi Bhajan
To open the Lock of the Heart Center, Meditation - p.25
Sadhana Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga by Gurucharan Singh
Spinal Energy Series, Kriya - pp.96-97
Transcendental Meditation, Kriya - pp.150-151