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Guru Rattana Online Testimonials

Below we give a small selection from the many testimonials we have received from satisfied users of our service.

"Even though I'm a certified KY teacher, I'm learning new things studying with Guru Rattana. At age 72, I am recommitting to my practice as I tune up for the final stage of my life journey. Even though I've worked through most of her books in the past, I'm so glad to be taking classes in her presence. I send her great abundance in all aspects of her jeweled life." -Jean - Hari Rattna

"Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your videos online. I love the format that your classes are in, and also all of the detail you go into. I’ve been doing kundalini yoga online for a few years off and on- and after watching and working with some of your videos I’ve experienced the locks entirely differently. The lectures at the beginning, as well as the mantras at the end and the emphasis on exploring passive moments/states have been invaluable. Also, it is incredibly neat that you have so many of your lessons typed online for free on one of your websites. Where are you based out of? I am a musician and tour a lot, and would love to catch a class someday. Best - and thank you for your beautiful classes. You are such a brilliant teacher". - Kate Wakefield, OH

"Best Kundalini resource on the Web". - Sterling H., Marion, IA

"I appeared in a few of these. Great classes. One year I went to the compound in Espanola, and people from all over the world recognized me having seen these videos. Probably as close to a yoga rock star as I'll ever get. Keep up the good work, Guru Rattana". - Duke Doudna, San Diego, CA

"Its like a dream of mine to experience your teachings live, since you've taught so many great things and helped me so so much. As a Cancer with a moon in Scorpio your words speak to my heart in the sweetest and deepest way possible". - Katerina, Greece

"Thank you so much for the online videos! They are my great support and help for the preparation of the Kundalini Yoga classes. Sat Nam". - Raghurai K., Switzerland

"Thank you Guru Rattana for my wonderful experience through your classes". - Alistair M., Northboro, MA

"I miss you and your classes so much and proud to have appeared in many of them on film. I need to plan a trip down to San Diego for a visit. I have not been able to find a Kundalini teacher like Guru Rattana... The best!" - Angela Barker Bankston, Los Angeles, CA

"Wonderful inspirational classes". - Linda S., Heysham, UK

"With the support of Guru Rattana, I am now a teacher". - Ann-Magritt, Gjovik, Norway

"I love Guru Rattana's teaching style and the wealth of spiritually-uplifting material". - Sue T., Toronto, Canada

"The best online Kundalini Yoga. So many amazing classes to access!" - Caroline Richards, UK

"Take Kundalini Yoga classes with my beloved teacher Guru Rattana, online. Benefit, as I have, from her 32+ years as a yogi. Learn how to tap into your higher self and live a happier, healthier and more connected life". - Elizabeth Valentine, Waitarere, New Zealand

"An excellent service when there are no available Kundalini Yoga teachers in your area". - Tina H., West Yorkshire, UK

"I can't thank you enough for your books and online classes. Your teaching is so enlightening. I can't tell how many times taking one of your classes online has deeply moved me and helped me shift out of a negative place. I have been a Hatha teacher for several years and just recently started teaching Kundalini after becoming certified this spring. You are truly an inspiration for me. Sat Nam". - Elizabeth R., Largo, FL

"I love the streaming videos and find your presence to be such a comfort and inspiration. You are the TRUE Aquarian teacher". - Guru R.K., Midland TX

"I am filled with gratitude for your service". - Dena C., Ashland, OR

"I love these classes. I have learned more than from any other teacher". - Rhea F., Maple Valley, WA

"I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you for providing such a wonderful online presence with your classes. Your presence and teaching style has been such an inspiration. I am now planning to launch Canberra's first Kundalini yoga studio within the next two months. Thank you for your help birthing Kundalini yoga in Australia's capital city!" - Odette G., Canberra, Australia

"So inspiring. Looking forward to learning from you". - Sarah T., Brighton, UK

"For anyone wanting to practice at home, she is a gentle, compassionate, supportive teacher and completely heart-centered. Highly recommend". - Nancy R., Englewood, FL

"Enjoying it very much. Learning a lot". - Julie H.S., Vail, AZ

"Sat Nam! So grateful to study with you online. I've been looking for you, a really deep kundalini yoga class for many years. With Gratitude". - Andrea H., El Cerrito, CA

"I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your work and the efforts you are making to ensure Kundilini Yoga is readily available to all. I live in a rural location which makes it very difficult to access a Kundilini class personally. I am honoured to be able to study now in my own home to my hearts content!!!!!!!!!!!" - Paula, Australia

"I wanted to let you know how much I have learned from your on line course. I made it a course that I dedicated the last 7 months too. I studied every lecture and kriya to the fullest. I broke it down to about 1500 + hours. Before I found your course I was in a place of despair because I had just come home from India feeling as though I really needed more and because of where I live. I have no masters or teachers here - I'M it!! Your course has brought me to another level in my teaching". - Tracey, West Palm Beach, FL