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Sada Sat Kaur

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Sada Sat Kaur, a native of New Jersey, a homeopath and yoga instructor, and a master of music and spiritual form, has toured the world for over 30 years, chanting Kundalini Yoga mantras and singing kirtan. She has recorded a number of popular Kundalini Yoga Mantra CDs. In India she has played to crowds of 200,000 people or more.

Sada Sat Kaur

Her debut album, Angels Waltz, resulted from a chance encounter with a producer. In 2000 she was hanging around the watermelon tent at Summer Solstice retreat in the mountains of New Mexico when she got to talking with musician and producer Jeremy Toback. "Let's do an album", they agreed.

Further successful albums followed – ShaShaRa in 2004, again produced by Toback, and Mantra Masala in 2009.

In India, audiences have been known to flock to her as if she were the Beatles. "We regularly play to crowds of over 200,000 people," she says. "They want to touch you and get your autograph. At these parks when it's a Sikh holiday, the word spreads that these American Sikhs are going to sing, and very soon you can't even see the end of the sea of people."

Sada Sat Kaur has had a life full of transformation, as is her music. She graduated from New York University in the pivotal year of 1969; it wasn't long before she underwent a series of quick and dramatic changes. Watching the Woodstock Movie, she caught a brief glimpse of a man with a beard and turban teaching Kundalini Yoga. She was desperate to learn more - "I had to know what that was."

She soon managed to contact Yogi Bhajan, for it was he who was at Woodstock – an event where his intervention may well have prevented a riot, such was the tension caused by the delays, the overcrowding, the weather and event mismanagement. He became her teacher, and under his guidance she soon found herself drawn to the Naad, the sound current, and the way chants could convert a room into a seemingly limitless sphere.

Sad Sat Kaur found the mantras and chanting to be very powerful – magical even. She heard it and said “What is that? I have to do that?" We have so many thoughts going on all the time, it is called the monkey mind, because it's always jumping around.

She found that chanting gave her mind something to focus on – something with the power to transform and uplift. The transformation which she underwent is available to everyone who commits to a similar practice. That, as it turns out, is yet another source of astonishment.

Sada Sat Kaur and her husband Sada Sat Singh, now live in Italy.