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Gurushabad Singh

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Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa, a pioneer of Kundalini Yoga Music, has inspired thousands of yoga teachers, their students and their student's students for well over thirty years. His recordings are evergreens, including a long line of heartfelt songs and yogic chants and mantras, and his music has been performed in temples and yoga centers around the world.

Guru Shabad Singh

His classics such as Sa Re Sa Sa and Pavan Pavan were used by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, during various meditations, and are still in regular use during Yoga-classes today. In the 1990s, Gurushabad Singh was instructed by Yogi Bhajan to compose music to the verses of the Jaap Sahib, one of the central Sikh prayers. This was the origin of the popular CDs Ajai Alai and Shakti. He is well known for his many beautiful sadhana compositions such as Illumination.

His latest recording, Beloved, is a compilation of Gurbani Shabads, using wonderful melodies composed to western style guitar music.

Other artists have recorded his music, most notably a European group who made Sa Re Sa Sa a huge disco hit in Italy!

His musical Style derives from his unique and keen sense for engaging and catchy melodies and their composition for guitar. His soft and carrying voice blesses his music with a unique quality and atmosphere. On his CDs he is often accompanied by the background vocals of his wife Sarab Shakti Kaur, as well as by his son Hargobind Singh (Hargo), who contributes bass, guitar and vocals. Guest musicians are also regular contributors to his recordings.

Guru Shabad Singh resides in Espanola, New Mexico and La Jolla, California with his wife Sarab Shakti Kaur and son Hargobind Hari Singh (also a recording artist). He owns a successful natural foods company that produces all natural and organic frozen foods under his Wheatstone brand in health food markets across the US and Canada. He is also founder and owner of the record label Tenth Gate Music.


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Beloved by Guru Shabad Singh