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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

The End and the Beginning – 2020 Reset

We are in the midst of a historic global reset. The end of an era and a new beginning is the defining theme for the end of 2020. Two significant planetary alignments help us understand what is happening and how we can participate in steering the course of history.

Below I begin a discussion (to be continued in future blogs) of  the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius on December 21. Then I offer a detailed explanation of the supportive energies offered by the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 14.

Shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius

In January, the rare triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn set the tone for 2020. At the collective level, Capricorn has brought to the fore themes relating to the viability and fairness of our current hierarchical collective institutions. At the personal level, we have each, in our own way, been obliged to learn vital lessons for operating as self-empowered and inner-directed adults in the world.

The predominate energy and lessons now shift from Capricorn to Aquarius.

December 17 – Saturn enters Aquarius, where it stays through March 7, 2023.

December 19 –  Jupiter moves into Aquarius, where it stays through December 28, 2021.

December 21 – Saturn and Jupiter meet at zero degrees Aquarius, launching a new 20 year cycle.

Conjunctions Mark Endings and Beginnings

All conjunctions mark the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. The longer the cycle, the bigger the change. A Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn happens only every 735 years.

Jupiter and Saturn join every 20 years to launch changes in our social, political, and economic systems. They have, however, not meet on a solstice in at least the last 5000 years. Their previous conjunction occurred on May 28, 2000 at 23º Taurus. Their last conjunction in Aquarius was on January 16, 1405 at 24º, 615 years ago, coinciding with the ending of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. Prior to that they joined on March 4, 1226  at 2º28’ Aquarius. Their current conjunction signals a major turning point in human history.

December 21 – The Jupiter- Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius (from Earth to Air)

December 21 at 2:02 AM PST, the Sun moves into Capricorn, marking the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the summer solstice in the southern. A few hours later the unprecedented Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at zero degrees Aquarius launches us into a profound reset phase of the Aquarian Age.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius initiates a monumental elemental shift. For the last 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn have met in the Earth signs. For the next 200 years, they will meet in the air signs. Earth sign dominance focused our attention on use and exploitation of the Earth’s resources, material and land acquisition, competition, earthly pursuits and success, and physical well-being. The focus of the ethereal air signs is mental and spiritual. The air signs connect with infinite energy and resources and thus have a more inclusive attitude, a less competitive stance, and envisage working together to create a world that benefits everyone.

Aquarian Ideals

Collectively Aquarius challenges us to create economic, social, and political institutions that are founded on ideals that promote equality and honor diversity. Collaboration, progressive change, and radical transformation are required to create an egalitarian and humanitarian global society. This is not going to happen, however, when the collective consciousness is dominated by fear, anger, shame, hatred, racism, elitism, victimhood, and righteousness.

Personally we are challenged to find inner freedom by following our own hearts, instead of believing and bowing to external authorities. It is only in our hearts that we will be able to honor diversity and work together to create a society that honors, supports, and needs each one of us. Thus what we are able to create together depends on the individual consciousness of the members of our collective.

December 15 – Chiron Goes Direct

On December 15, Chiron ended its yearly retrograde phase (at 4º56’ Aries), which began on July 11 (at 9º26’Aries). The wounded healer archetype brings our attention to core issues that we must deal with, which when ‘healed’ give us access to personal gifts that enable us to guide others through their journey.

For the last five months, while Chiron was retrograde in Aries, we were invited to overcome fears that stood in the way of speaking and living from our personal truth. Our attention has been on inner transformation and creating an inner reality from which we can operate and manifest in the world from a more authentic and self-respectful place.

The Mars-Eris conjunctions in Aries also obliged us to do our personal inner work, especially related to accumulated inner anger.

In 2020 most of us realized that no one is immune from life challenges and learning. There are no exceptions and no free lunches.  We have been humbled to accept our humanness, forced to be honest with ourselves, and prodded to embrace all aspects of our unique path.

December 23 – Mars Square Pluto

Mars’ third square to Pluto is on December 23 (the first two were August 13 and October 9).

Pluto in Capricorn has been a defining and challenging energy in 2020. The role of all the outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, and Aquarius) is to assist us in merging with the divine. Each have their own modus operandi. Neptune silently and stealfully removes attachments that prevent us from merging into oneness.

Pluto strips away what is false (often brutally if we resist) so that we can connect with universal energies that create in and through us. Pluto is determined to give us an experience of the primal generating power (Kundalini) that seeks to be unleashed within us.

Mars represents our individual access to the primal power. It is through the initiative and will power of our Mars that we choose to do what it takes to connect and surrender to Pluto’s demands and thus have access to the gifts that lie hidden until we make our personal effort to claim them.

This is an appropriate moment to acknowledge the work that we have done this year and to make ourselves available to receive more revelations about what we must release to find clarity and inner connection with the light of our soul.

December 14 – Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

The total solar eclipse on December 14 at 23º Sagittarius (just 7 days before the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction) set the stage for a profound transformation that launches us into the new Aquarian era.

On a regular day on Planet Earth, highly charged solar energies reach the Earth at one million miles per hour. During a solar eclipse that electromagnetic flow is blocked by the Moon. The interruption creates the space to alter and reconfigure our consciousness. Solar eclipses are thus extra-powerful new moons that signal endings and beginnings with the potential for quantum shifts in all areas of our lives.

The energy of an eclipse lasts for six months, until the next set of eclipses continues the evolutionary wake up process. Thus we have six months to integrate the affects of this eclipse. Most of us in some way have felt internal shifts, even if we cannot yet identify exactly what this means for us.

The Sagittarius Archetype

The Sagittarius archetype is about perspective, meaning, and principles. We each interpret our experiences through multilayered filters and conditioning that create assumptions, beliefs, and biases, which define our frame of reference for dealing with life.

Sagittarius teaches us that what we believe depends on how we perceive reality. How we interpret what we experience molds

  1.  what we attract,
  2.  how we  act and react,
  3.  the choices that we make, and
  4.  our participation in the collective consciousness.

Sagittarius is about expanding our horizons with the goal of awakening to and operating from a more inclusive universal perspective. Our end goal is to liberate ourselves from both inner and outer manipulation, judgment, and fear. To open our minds to the truth, we must be able to recognize and release our mind from what is false, biased, and simply fabricated or made up.

South Node Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is a South Node eclipse, which deals with the past, letting go, clearing karma, AND payout and recognition for work done. We reap the benefits of our previous efforts.

North Node eclipses bring something new in our life. Since this eclipse is also a New Moon Eclipse, we are in the process of experiencing both an ending and a new beginning. Of course, turning points in our lives always involve both endings and new beginnings. To create something new, we have to tie up loose ends, get rid of what we no longer need, and clear our space. We must lighten our load and clear our mind by uprooting and leaving behind that which no longer serves us.

Gemini and Sagittarius

The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is very important because it opens the space for us to install a new mental mode of operation for the Aquarian Age. The Lunar Nodes moved into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis May 5, 2020. Each time the nodes change (every year and a half) they introduce a new set of issues and lessons for humanity to deal with.

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is about knowledge and how we make sense of the world and direct our personal lives. Gemini and Sagittarius each offer different approaches to figuring out how to navigate our human journey.

Gemini rules our primary thinking process in our dualistic or rational mind, which processes and makes sense of information from a logical, fact-based perspective.

Sagittarius rules the higher mind that tries to make sense of all the pieces and pull them together into a coherent and workable whole. To give the sum of the parts conceptual meaning, abstract thinking, intuition, and imagination are required.

Curious Gemini enjoys and focuses on gathering information and doesn’t feel the need to form an opinion. The Sagattarian impulse seeks understanding and needs to make sense of everything. Its ego desire to be right can lead us to craft conclusions to not just expand knowledge, but to influence others to agree with our opinions.

Each new experience excites Gemini. Sagittarius avoids wasting time reinventing the wheel. Sagittarius focuses on going to the heart of the matter to save time and energy. Gemini provides Sagittarius with new information and updated input, so the Archer does not get stuck in dogma and belief systems that are no longer relevant and in fact flawed.

Because the eclipse in Sagittarius is a South Node eclipse, it exposes and helps us release assumptions that are no longer relevant, making it possible to upgrade how we deal with life and redefine the goals and strategies of our collective institutions.

Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius – Truth and Misinformation

An important message of this eclipse is that our personal inner awakening is the foundation for social and collective reform. The collective consciousness is made up of everyone’s individual consciousness. Thus we each have a special role to play in crafting Aquarian attitudes and institutions.

The South Node eclipse in Sagittarius will continue to expose calculated and manipulated attempts to mold public opinion to support the greed machine at the expense of individual well-being and rights.

Determining what information is true and what is false is a huge challenge. How can we be informed without being manipulated? Aquarian energy guarantees that more and more people will not like being told what to believe or do. The challenge is how to know, and then to decide for ourselves. Our personal awakening is required.

Gemini -Sagittarius Themes

Sagittarius is interested in arenas in life that expand our views and enhance our experiences. They include philosophy, spirituality, religion, long-distance travel, higher education, publishing, and broadcasting.

Some of the active themes while the nodes are in Gemini and Sagittarius include

(1) Personal desire to think for ourselves and protest against being told what to believe and do.

This requires actually thinking and deciding for ourselves and feeling OK about being our own authority. When we blame forces outside ourselves, we lack internal focus and still doubt ourselves.

(2) Revelations of deceit and intentional misinformation.

The extent to which we have been manipulated and brainwashed is astounding to me. We don’t have to believe in conspiracies, we just have to read and listen to others who have done scientific research and correlated it with their own experiences.

(3) Questioning of long accepted beliefs, assumptions, and worldviews.

We may even wake up to another way of being.

(4) More inclusive laws and attitudes that support diversity and human rights.

Every life matters!

(5) Redefining education and how to support different needs, interests, and talents.

If we spent as much on education and serving our children as on war, there would be no wars.

(6) Inner reconfiguration of our thinking/consciousness process.

Reconfiguration of Our Mind

We can’t continue to use our mind the way we have been and except things to change. What I notice is a reconfiguration and awakening of dormant mental capacities, which makes it possible to refine and refresh how we use human thinking and consciousness.

The detached Aquarian energy makes it possible

  1.  to operate from higher ideals,
  2.  to release attachments to excessive physical desires and demands, and
  3.  to transcend emotional triggers that keep us ensnarled in needless drama.

Gemini and Sagittarius support our transition to this neutral way of operating.

The gift of Gemini is the ability to notice. (Mindfulness was popularized by Gemini Jon Kabat-Zinn). Gemini is motivated by curiosity, but can get overwhelmed in too many facts and desire for more and more experiences. Gemini can get lost in details that don’t fit together in a coherent whole.

The ultimate goal of the Gemini-Sagittarius pair is to extricate us from mental confusion and entanglement and deliver us to mental freedom. To do so we must expand the quality of our perception. This pair is inviting us to go inward to find fulfillment and to wake up to the infinite at the very core of our being.

Sagittarius aims its arrow inward, not outward. Our longing is to break through the boundaries set by our beliefs, attitudes, and judgments. Our experience of oneness (or separateness) is defined by what we perceive through our mind. What we experience and create with our dualistic thinking mind may be temporarily stimulating, satisfying, and interesting, but all our thoughts, mental constructs, and fantasies do nothing to steer us towards inner peace, harmony, and oneness. They distance us from (not bring us closer to) existential reality.

Sagittarius represents our longing for unlimited expansion. Yogic practices help us awaken, manage, and point our mind in the right direction. In our awakened neutral mind we can distance ourselves from false identifications and emotional attachments. We can focus our attention on the life energies that flow through us, opening us to the mysteries and vital aliveness of our being. We learn to pay attention to our energy and our breath, not to our thoughts.

Become a Vessel of Consciousness

Gemini is about paying attention. Sagittarius is about directing our attention to the unknown. Aquarius is about the inner freedom that we achieve when we wake up and find the inexplicable unknown within.

The Aquarian Water Bearer symbol actually represents a human who has become a vessel of the divine through awakened consciousness. We filter our life experience through consciousness and the neutral mind, not thinking.

The spiritual revolution happens through the realization that we can’t explain and figure everything out. In fact, we can awaken only when we stop trying to make sense of that which cannot be explained. The ultimate spiritual role of the mind is to embrace the unfathomable mystery of life. When we pay attention, we can witness the divine manifestations everywhere.

The Aquarian Challenge

Aquarius wakes us up to the fact that one size does not fit all. It cannot because every individual is unique and has his or her own program, path, and individual expression.

Everyone has their own filtering system. Our job is to become acquainted with how we mentally process, including what we include and exclude, what we feel comfortable with, and what we reject because it makes us feel emotionally uncomfortable.

Air sign Aquarius invites us to open the space in our mind so that our perceptive faculties become less dense, obscure, and opaque. Fortunately, cool Aquarius is able to witness and observe life without being so emotionally involved as the earth and water signs.

Our connection with the infinite deepens as our inner space expands and our emotions cease to block our receptivity. We become less attached and triggered by events. At some point there is enough space for our heart to open to ourselves, others, the world, and the whole universe. This is the Aquarian challenge.

The evolutionary shift to the Aquarian Age requires an awakening of consciousness and opening of the heart, where our oneness with each other and all life becomes a living and joyful reality.

Jod Kriya: Meditation for Heart Chakra

This meditation is very relaxing and good for the nerves. It opens one’s mind and heart to the space of neutral love.

Palms are pressed lightly together in front of the face, tips of the middle fingers are at the level of the brow. Forearms are horizontal, parallel to the ground. Look within at the brow and feel the spine at the level of the heart. No mantra is specified. Feel the inhale entering your nostrils and moving into your third eye or center of your head. Hold the position and focus within.

Your Life is in Your Chakras by Guru Rattanha PhDDo this as a tune in and to release your mind from obsessive thinking and conflict. Even 3-5 minutes shifts the mind. Or practice for 11 – 31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, press the hands together, pressurize the whole body, and pull the locks. Exhale powerfully and repeat two more times. Then stretch up and shake out your whole body. Relax on your back if you wish and let go. Surrender to the vast universal space in and around you.

Jod Kriya can be found on page 311 of Your Life is in Your Chakras. Available in both printed and e versions from Yoga Technology

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