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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

Spring — A Loving New Beginning

A new astrological year begins when the Sun moves into Aries and starts another journey around the zodiac. When the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) are at 0°, the Sun changes direction. At each equinox and solstice, we inaugurate a new season.

Rebirth Chart at 0° Aries 2021

When Aries is at 0°, the planetary alignments form the ‘spring birth chart’ for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. The sky map on March 20 (at 2:23 AM PDT) sets the stage for the next twelve months.

The ‘birth chart’ for 2020 featured the Sun conjunct Chiron in Aires and a challenging line up of planets in Capricorn. 2020 exposed deep personal and collective wounds and obliged us to confront what we have denied, was hidden, and what we hoped would simply go away without engaging in an honest and deep healing process.

The ‘birth chart’ for 2021 features Venus conjunct the Sun, gifting us with hopeful, optimistic, and compassionate energy. We still (as always) have healing work to do, but we don’t feel so weighted down and can enjoy the evolutionary process if we look through Venus glasses of self-love and divine love.

In the spring 2021 birth chart, Venus is at 28 degrees Pisces, joined by Mercury at 6 degrees Pisces and Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces. The Pisces allure toward higher love will be a strong influence this year. It is our actual personal experience of oneness with a higher power that awakens our heart and heals our archetypal separation wounds.

March 21 Venus enters Aries, announcing a rebirth of the heart. Venus in Aries embodies a sweet innocence and a sincere instinctual knowing of what she wants.

March 28-29 – Venus and Sun Conjunct Chiron

With the Sun and Venus in Aries, we get some needed fire energy. Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries bring our attention to the theme of healing as we release ourselves from past hurts and burdens so that we can find deeper satisfaction in the next phase of our human journey.

On March 28 Venus joins (is conjunct) Chiron at 8° Aries. Our Chiron healing process involves becoming aware of wounds that have been hiding or suppressed in our subconscious. To release old pain and traumas, we have to first acknowledge and accept that they exist. Venus conjunct Chiron is about repairing wounds of the heart, which brings to the surface repressed feelings and emotions.

On March 29 the Sun joins (is conjunct) Chiron at 8° Aries. Chiron has a special relationship with the Sun. In the Greek mythology, when Chiron was abandoned by his parents, he was adopted by Apollo (the Greek name for the Sun) who not only saved him, but taught him everything he knew. Similarly, our Chiron healing awakens what we already know, tapping into our soul gifts that we came here to share.

The Sun represents the divine mission of our soul. Chiron represents the primal wound that comes with being born in a human body in physical reality. We all suffer from our lack of awareness of our oneness with the Divine Source of our existence. Wounds of separation run deep and are all pervasive. In the physical world, we experience the anguish of separation (and rejection) from parents, family, friends, lovers, and society. Ultimately our primal wound is our perceived separation from the universal source of our being.

In Aries, Chiron healing is about healing the wound of separation from soul self. By fully embracing ourselves and our true purpose in life, we can transcend the wound of separation from our soul and experience an awakening within.

Venus – What Really Matters?

This year, the equinox point (0° Aries) is conjunct Venus in Pisces (within 2 degrees) and sextile Pluto. This means that the 2021-2022 zodiac year will be infused in Venusian energy and Pluto will help us stay on purpose. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, self-worth, and values. Venus defines what is important for us.

With our mind (Mercury), we perceive and interpret our experiences and information through ‘objective’ thinking and analysis.
Our Venus perceives and assigns value with feeling, non-verbal sensitivity, and emotions. Venus doesn’t just interpret, Venus assigns importance and adds meaning. Venus computes relevancy according to our desire for love and our individual values, which are totally subjective and personal.

Our Venus asks us – Is this what we want in our lives? Is this worth our time and energy? Should we keep it, or throw it away? Should we include this activity in our agenda, or let go and move on? Do we really care about this? Does it really matter? Venus helps us sort things out and make important choices.

Meeting at Our Heart

Sun-Venus conjunctions bring our attention to matters that must be dealt with the heart.

The Sun and Venus meet every 9 months. When Venus is retrograde, their conjunction happens when Venus is closest to the Earth! We are more inclined to act from our instincts and emotions and what ‘feels’ right at a gut level. Relationships, financial security, and other worldly concerns are the subject of our re-evaluation and decision-making.

When Venus is direct, close to the Sun and at the farthest possible distance from Earth, the Sun/Venus conjunction is more focused on soul level priorities. We are currently in the midst of a Venus direct/Sun conjunction. Our inner Venus is less impulsive, emotional, and more neutral. Guided by the ideals that resonate with our heart, our inner Venus is guiding us to make the best life decisions that set the course for our future.

When in direct motion, our inner Venus is less attached to immediate and external pleasures and more focused on deeper meaning and purpose. We are driven by soul imperatives that propel us forward. During the next year, our Sun and Venus work together to inspire and direct our choices and actions to what expresses and awakens our soul.

Pluto sextile to Sun and Venus will make it easier for us to release what no longer interests us or is no longer useful. (Sextiles are supportive interactions and a relief from the confrontational squares and oppositions.) Pluto specializes in purging. During the next year, Pluto will help us let go of things, activities, projects, and relationships that don’t align with what feels ‘right’ to our soul. With more clarity and space, it will be easier to stay on purpose. Starting at the spring equinox, the upcoming year will be defined and directed by what really matters to us.

The way I like to define this is ‘I do ONLY what ONLY I can do’. This motto definitely keeps me on purpose. The important thing is to choose a motto that keeps us directed to our heart with the goal of serving love.

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