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Saturn and Pluto in Libra and the 7th House

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In this blog I discuss how the Saturn Pluto alignment, which is already active (within 2 degrees) is impacting Libra and the 7th house. Below are excerpts from my forthcoming book Your Astrology for a New Beginning, which will be for sale early December.

How We Are Being Affected?

How will the 3 major planetary alignments in 2020 play out in your life? That is a very good question! Each of us will be affected in our own special way. To use this transformational energy constructively, it is useful to see our individual and collective lives from the evolutionary perspective of moving out of the grip of fear into the open space of love.

Saturn Pluto Transits Are Heavy

Many of us are asking, ‘Why do I feel this way?’

With the weight of Saturn and Pluto, it is very likely that we can feel burdened by heavy fear- based feelings, emotions, and thoughts that don’t feel like love. Some will feel discouraged, disappointed, depressed, even hopeless. Some will feel lost and not know what to do. Even if we remain optimistic, Saturn will slow us down.

This is all part of the evolutionary process. If we stick with it, we will make it through. The best part of Saturn and Pluto transits is when they are over! There is always some form of gold that we can mine when we dig deep enough into the richness of our lives and our souls.

I know it is trite, but it is true – learn your lessons, grab the opportunities, and be grateful to be alive at this time of the intense transition into the Aquarian Age.

The Seventh House and Libra

In the seventh house we enter into an expanded world that includes personal relationships. We are no longer alone. Our new reality demands a perceptual shift that not only includes others, but how we are in relationship with others. The training wheels are off our bicycle. Our life and our priorities get rearranged.

The Challenges

Our challenges in the seventh house and Libra territory focus on social interactions and feelings of being accepted, rejected, or loved. We learn how to interact cultivating the skills of being present, kind, non-judgmental. To do so we have to work on releasing illusions, expectations, and control trips. We learn about compromise, fairness, empathy, and diplomacy.

Emotional Enmeshment and Distinctions

Relationships are the territory where we learn to make distinctions between ourselves and others. We learn about the human condition of emotional enmeshment and also the human challenge to disentangle ourselves energetically. We must address the underlying causes of enmeshment including neediness, low self-esteem, and a lack of completeness within ourselves.

Boundaries, Accountability, and Obligations

In relationship we make choices that impact both ourselves and others. We learn about being accountable to ourselves and others. We learn how to distinguish between what is an obligation and what is not. We learn about compromise and accepting change.

Independent and Honest

If we have made progress in self-definition and achieved a comfortable degree of independence in Virgo territory (and all the first six houses), we can be honest without creating needless drama to get attention or to try to be right. Being honest with others can happen only when we are able to be honest with ourselves.

Saturn and Pluto in the Seventh House

Saturn and Pluto force us to seriously examine how we live in the interactive arena where boundaries, differentiation, and respect are required. We gain clarity about personal responsibility – ours and others.

Fantasies and Projections are Tested against Reality

Saturn and Pluto are tough teachers in the seventh house, where they expose our attachment to relationship fantasies. We have to learn to be clear and not muddy the waters with hopeful fantasies that somehow the other will change to make things work out (without us having to change).

The way we deal with ourselves shifts when we are in relationship with other human beings. We must become aware of what we project and evaluate the extent to which our projections (including wishful thinking) reflect actual experience and reality. Idealized fantasies of relationships are put to the test of reality. We are initiated into a new way of being that demands being real and realistic.

Acceptable and Compatible

Saturn and Pluto test the grounds of compatibility, which hinge on what is acceptable for each individual and where we can comfortably accommodate. We learn to honestly identify what is intolerable and not to make excuses. Patterns based on domination, control, power over, submission, and inequality are not OK.

Can We Stand Alone and Together in Relationships?

Only in actual encounters are we able to undergo the tests we face in relationships. The principle test is whether we can stand alone and be authentic with ourselves and each other. This requires being able to both separate and be together as individuals and different people. When we can both differentiate and flow together, we can find independence and harmony in relationships. And we can experience many dimensions of love!

Life is a game, but we do not want to play unattached. We want to play for the sake of winning and losing, and that is where unhappiness comes in.” Yogi Bhajan

Let’s learn to play unattached for the sake of enjoying each other and our lives together. That is where happiness comes in.

Guru Rattana’s 2020 book will be ready early December 2019.

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