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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga



Yogi Bhajan told us that he himself did not heal. When someone came to him, he called on Guru Ram Das, who did the healing. The following was one of Yogi Bhajan’s mantras that he shared with everyone. It is a great meditation to heal and empower the healer in all of us. By chanting this sacred mantra we embody divine healing vibrations and raise our energy field to the vibration of Love. From this higher state we can easily call upon Guru Ram Das and become a humble servant of the Divine. When we are in a state of ‘All things come from God, all things go to God,’ we can unburden ourselves of ego-based responsibility. Operating from the perspective of being the Creator’s servant relieves a lot of self-inflicted stress and liberates us to live in gratitude.

This is a very blissful meditation that activates all your chakras, establishes your spine as your center, and fills your circle with healing energy. When you need help of any kind, chant this mantra. Vibrating this mantra in your spine produces healing, magic, and miracles. I love this meditation! It puts me into a deep connected space. Chant it a minimum of 5-11 minutes every day and consolidate “the feeling” in your body.

it in Easy Pose, with hands on the lap, right on top of left. Sit absolutely still for this meditation for the full effects. Chant very quietly in monotone, almost, but not a whisper. Enunciate with your lips, so you feel a vibration in the lips:


Chant the designated sound in each of the chakras (see below). Bring your attention to the specific chakra, but do not move your body. (Tip: GURU is vibrated in every chakra except 3rd and 6th.) Chant for 11, 22, or 31 minutes.

GURU — 1st chakra, base of spine

GURU — 2nd chakra, sex organ, abdomen

WA HE (hay) — 3rd chakra, navel

GURU — 4th chakra, heart

GURU — 5th chakra, throat

RAM DAS — 6th chakra, third eye

GURU — 7th chakra, top of head

Feel your body becoming a golden temple for your soul.

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