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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses complete a karmic cycle and catapult us to the next evolutionary phase of our lives. The alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth intensify cosmic flows of energy to create shifts in consciousness.

November 30 – Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

1:28 AM PST at 8° Gemini
When the Moon is fully illuminated, what has been hidden through ignorance, misinformation, and denial is revealed. Full Moons offer transparency, clarity, and disclosure. For those who wish to access to some truth, this can be a relief from this year of hype, fake news, polarization, distortion, and righteousness.

This Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse. In mercurial and magical Gemini, the messenger transports us into another dimension, where the cosmic light awakens us to what we have not known before. We can have access to a whole new level of ‘truth’ if we are willing to shift how we look at what is and change how we perceive reality. What is being disclosed is not just the truth behind the lies and camouflaged falsehoods, but another way to relate to reality.

North Node Eclipse

The Lunar Nodes are in Gemini-Sagittarius from May 4, 2020 to January 18, 2022. This pair is about learning to differentiate neutral observation from opinion, interpretation, and judgment. We become aware of how the later impact our perception, understanding, and participation in all aspects of our lives.

This Lunar Eclipse is a North Node eclipse. North Node eclipses direct us toward the future and the unknown. South Node eclipses bring our attention to cleaning up our karma and dealing with the past.

North Node Eclipses wake us up to something that we have not experienced before, which can change how we direct and live our lives. In Gemini, the ‘new information’ is not just more trivial facts, but insights that profoundly impact the way we think and how we communicate with ourselves, each other, and the universal Force. We can experience an ‘aha’ awakening in how we use our mind and how we think. One major ‘aha’ is that we can use consciousness instead of thinking to navigate our lives. This definitely falls in the category of something we might have heard about but never had the experience or imagined how it was possible.

The realization of being present in consciousness and not in our thinking mind can feel awkward at first, but with practice we can enjoy a new way of being alert, awake, and connected to our bodies in feeling sensitivity.
Consciousness vs thinking offers us clarity, but not the absence of ambiguity, choice, contradictions, or polarities. This is because all of the above are inherent in the nature of reality.


Gemini – Learning about Duality

Gemini is a mutable, dualistic sign, which doesn’t have a “yes or no” “either or” energy like that expressed by the fixed signs – Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Gemini recognizes and rides the dance of duality that is inherent in everything – divine and human, YIN andYANG, darkness and light.
Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, represents the spark of life, the impulse of creation, and pure energy without shape or form.
Taurus represents the physical container for life to take form and to exist in physical reality.
Gemini represents differentiation and division into many forms. Gemini shows us that the play of duality is what allows us to be different and unique.

Gemini teaches us that when we interact and communicate with acceptance and curiosity seeking to know another that is different from us, we learn about ourselves, others, and life. If, however, we have fixed ideas of what is right and wrong, the truth or a lie, our black or white categories will prevent critical thinking, block rational thought, and interfere with the joyful experience of the reality of diversity.
If our ideas are cemented into our mind as absolute beliefs, the Gemini eclipse can reveal shocking truths.


Out of Our Comfort Zone

North Node eclipses take us out of our comfort zone into the unknown that welcomes us to a richer, expanded experience of reality. Thinking differently can extricate us from ruts and liberate us from self-created prisons. To do so, we can

  1. accept the challenge to shift our world view,
  2. embrace, not fear something new,
  3. welcome change and transformation, and
  4. listen to what the Universe is telling us.

If we let this eclipse loosen the chains that bind and blind us, it can change our lives.

Eclipses indicate turning points that summon us forward on our life path. Transformation is often sparked by events that oblige us to let go and grow. If we resist, we can encounter greater difficulties in the future. As the full moon dims as it passes through the Earth’s shadow, we become aware of hidden motivations and self-sabotaging programs and beliefs.

Eclipses occur in relationship to the Lunar Nodes, which are the points in space where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path of the Earth around the Sun). The North Node, where the Moon crosses the ecliptic as it climbs upwards, points to the future and challenges us to evolve. The South Node, where the Moon crosses the ecliptic as it descends, symbolizes the past and old, entrenched patterns that we must release.

Issues relating to our transformation often appear a few weeks before the actual eclipse date. Integration continues until the next set of eclipses six months later. Important turning points can occur 90 days later, and when a planet transits the eclipse point. Dates to pay attention to shifts include December 7 when Mercury crosses 9º Sagittarius, December 22 when Venus crosses on 9º Sagittarius, and February 26 when the Sun squares that degree.


The High Road and the Shadow

On June 5, the lunar eclipse was at 15º33’ Sagittarius-Gemini. This lunar eclipse is at 8º38’ Gemini-Sagittarius. Full moons illuminate both the high road and the shadow side of each sign. Gemini’s bright side is open-minded, always eager to learn, and listens as well as speaks. Gemini’s shadow side accumulates lots of facts, but little wisdom. Its overactive mind overshadows and dominates the body, heart, and soul. Sagittarius leads us to ever-expanding horizons of understanding, spiritual connection, and a purposeful life, if we avoid falling into ruts of dogmatism, gullibility, excess, and entitlement.

One of life’s current challenges is dealing with information overload. Inundated with information, it is hard to discern between fact, fiction, and falsification. Censorship, media bias, and the decline of objective journalism are serious problems. The extent to which government, multinational corporations, the drug industry, and those that wield economic power influence the media is both shocking and scary.


November 28 – Neptune Turned Direct

Whenever a planet changes direction, or squares the Lunar Nodes, its archetypal significance is intensified. Neptune is currently doing both. It turned direct on November 28. Since mid September, Neptune has been within 5º of squaring the Gemini-Sagittarius Lunar Nodes. Neptune exactly squares the Lunar Nodes on January 26, 2021 at 19º Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius. We are being supported to tune into and trust our intuition and monitor how our assumptions compute either fear or love.

All planets except Uranus are now direct!


December 10 – Pluto Square Eris

Eris is still active. Eris closely aspects this eclipse, bringing up and asking us to deal with longstanding resentments, attachments to external vs internal worth, and destructive impacts of greed, narcissism, and prejudice. Consciously aware, we have access to new perceptions and perspectives.

December 10, Pluto makes its third of five squares with Eris. We are being challenged to rectify rights with responsibilities. The first two Pluto-Eris squares formed on January 26 and June 14; the last two will be August 27 and October 9, 2021. All five occur between 23º14’ and 24º18’ of Capricorn-Aries. These are waning squares, which call for a shift in perception and to release of the past.


Just Before the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction December 21

Two eclipses — this one at 9º Gemini-Sagittarius and the Sagittarius new moon solar eclipse on December 14 at 23º Sagittarius, occur just before the historic Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0º Aquarius on December 21.

This lunar eclipse prepares us

  1. to be extra mindful and discerning about what we assume to be true,
  2. to be attentive to how we filter information through our belief system,
  3. to observe life from our neutral mind, and
  4. to learn to listen to our heart and feel in our body what resonates and what does not.

When our inner space is filled with peace and compassion, we have access to our own way of knowing what is right, true, and best for ourselves and the world.

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