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Libra Blesses Us with Peace – 2018

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Libra is a catalyst for creating beauty, harmony, and connection. Specializing in the mental and social arenas, Libra’s overriding goals are to achieve greater balance within oneself, in our relationships, and in the world. September 22-23 – The Sun Shines in Libra 6:55 PM PDT (1:55 GMT) Libra, the cardinal air sign, initiates the second… (read more)

A Month of Cyber Mondays

Dear Friends, Sat Nam! Our end of year sale at Yoga Technology continues right through until January 3rd of next year. You can enjoy great deals on all our products – discounts of 30% or more, with 40% off the price of all my books and manuals. What better time to complete your collections? We also… (read more)

Earth/Spiritual Worldview Shift

This blog celebrates Earth Day by explaining the worldview shift necessary to live in harmony with Mother Earth and ourselves. Please share it with all your e-mail lists and Facebook friends. Let’s make an impact and go viral! Values are a major theme of the Taurus archetype. Taurus expands by redefining what it values. A… (read more)