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Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses complete a karmic cycle and catapult us to the next evolutionary phase of our lives. The alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth intensify cosmic flows of energy to create shifts in consciousness. November 30 – Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 1:28 AM PST at 8° Gemini When the Moon is fully illuminated, what… (read more)

Evolution of Eris

Part 3 – Eris and Awakening Your Heart As 2020 comes to a close, what are we going to take with us into 2021? What have we learned? What changes do we have to make to prepare for the future? What readjustments help us get on with life? The historic year 2020 ends with Jupiter… (read more)

Leo New Moon 2020

When the Sun and Moon join at every new moon, they combine to focalize the energies of a particular sign. The Leo New Moon reminds us that we are light that can fully shine only when we open our hearts to love. We are invited to identify what blocks us from opening our hearts and… (read more)

Action-Packed Astrology for August 2020

There is so much happening during the month of August that I have posted segments of this blog on my Facebook. The 4 posts so far this month are included in this blog. August Is Intense and Reflective August 2020 is both action-packed and playful. For the whole month of August, Mars in Aries squares… (read more)

New Venus Cycle  and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Let Go and Let Love Rule In my Facebook Live June 3, I talked about the new Venus cycle. In this blog I expand on the dynamics of the Venus retrograde process, which is potentized by the full moon lunar eclipse.   June 3 – Venus Retrograde Conjunct the Sun at 13° Gemini Wednesday June… (read more)