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Scorpio 2018 – Deep Transformation Awakens the Light Within

Scorpio teaches us that we must go through intensely charged emotional ordeals in order to transform and to create meaningful and authentic lives for ourselves. Life continually challenges us to identify programming that triggers us to react in inappropriate and immature ways. We acquire wisdom, depth, and liberation only after we have passed through the… (read more)

Libra Blesses Us with Peace – 2018

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Libra is a catalyst for creating beauty, harmony, and connection. Specializing in the mental and social arenas, Libra’s overriding goals are to achieve greater balance within oneself, in our relationships, and in the world. September 22-23 – The Sun Shines in Libra 6:55 PM PDT (1:55 GMT) Libra, the cardinal air sign, initiates the second… (read more)

Virgo Purity and Clean Closets – 2018

Astrology with Guru Rattana

The Virgo archetype reminds us of the purity and independent authority of our soul. The Virgo Priestess and Priest are able to stand alone. Their independence (as opposed to co-dependence) comes from the fact that they are so anchored in their Divine Connection that they know that they are never alone. The Virgo path is… (read more)

The Inner Art of Woman’s Power – Retreat

The Inner Art of Woman’s Power Retreat and Guru Rattana’s teachings for women are based on her experience that woman finds her authentic power within herself. To get in touch with her power, woman must know, accept, and align her energies with her special design, nature, and constitution. For women in today’s world, a major… (read more)

Leo 2018 – Two Eclipses Rock Your Boat!

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Three eclipses in a row are rocking our boats. The first was the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse July 12. Now Aquarius and Leo add their dramatic and heart-opening energies to the mix. It is important to understand that the energies of the eclipses activate well before their exact occurrence. They aren’t simply ‘events’. They… (read more)

Aries 2018 – Who Am I? A New Beginning!

Astrology with Guru Rattana

The Sun entering Aries on March 20th signifies the Spring Equinox, the third and last ‘New Years’ celebration. Preceded by the calendar New Year and the Chinese New Year, the astrological new year is a rebirth through the zodiac cycle of life. March 20 – Sun Enters Aries at 9:16 AM PDT (17:16 GMT) At… (read more)