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Computing from Your Heart

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition

(Read Blog The Sun Shines in Gemini 2015 for supplemental information.) We have been programmed to deal with life from apprehension and negativity, i.e. fear and anger. Trapped in our dualistic mind, our psyche computes conflict, not love and joy. To advance on our spiritual path, we must monitor how we deal with life, each… (read more)

Awaken Intuitive Heart/Mind

Yoiur Life is in Your Chakras by Guru Rattanha PhD

Kundalini Yoga – Awaken Intuitive Heart/Mind Working together Aquarius and Leo teach us to awaken our intuitive heart/mind. The meditative pranayama Kundalini Yoga kriya given to us by Yogi Bhajan offers us a powerful tool for awakening our heart/mind.* This is a great kriya to practice while the Sun is in Aquarius (January 20 through… (read more)

HUGE Pre-Summer CD Sale – Yoga Technology

For the remainder of the month of May, enjoy unprecedented CD prices from Yoga Technology. Free shipping too for all US customers. You can also take full advantage of our many other competitively priced products – from our vast range of Kundalini Yoga books to our fabulous selection of Kundalini Yoga DVDs. Special deals too… (read more)

Fantastic Holiday Sale

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The Power of Neutral – New Book from Guru Rattana

The Power of Neutral, the latest book from Guru Rattana, is a distillation of the wisdom and experience she has gained from a lifetime of practice, and should occupy a prime position on the bookshelf of everyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge and understanding of meditation and its role in spiritual transformation. Easily accessible… (read more)