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Meditation for Telepathic Communication – Gemini

Meditation for Telepathic Communication – Gemini Gemini’s master challenge is to become conscious of HOW and WHAT we communicate? (BTW, the American President is a Gemini.) The Gemini archetype is personified by a pair of Twins, who represent the dualistic mind – the positive and negative minds. Unless the Twins can swing together in unison… (read more)

A Month of Cyber Mondays

Dear Friends, Sat Nam! Our end of year sale at Yoga Technology continues right through until January 3rd of next year. You can enjoy great deals on all our products – discounts of 30% or more, with 40% off the price of all my books and manuals. What better time to complete your collections? We also… (read more)

Guru Rattana’s London Workshop and New Book Launch

My much anticipated London Workshop – Awaken to Love with Japji – will take place on the weekend October 22/23rd in the beautiful spiritual surroundings of the Central Gurdwara,  62, Queensdale Road, London W11 4SG, UK I will show you how to understand and experience the spiritual path as taught by Guru Nanak in Jap-ji. We will… (read more)

Sing to Your Soul

Jap-ji is the song eternal, song of love, and song of spiritual wisdom. – Yogi Bhajan In this blog I would like to introduce my new book Sing to Your Soul, which explains the essence of Jap-ji, the spiritual discourse of Guru Nanak. It is recommended by Yogi Bhajan to read Jap-ji at the beginning… (read more)

Use Navel Fire to Open Your Heart

One of the most beautiful things about practicing Kundalini Yoga is that we can help create more light in the world. We can each do our part to dissolve fear and anger with the higher frequencies of peace and love. Every morning we can light up our own lamp and let it shine during the… (read more)

Scorpio Goes for the Gold – 2015

Scorpio reminds us that on-going transformation is the basic nature of our quest to enrich our lives and to deepen our experience of joy and inner peace. October 23 – The Sun shines in Scorpio 10:47 AM PDT (17:47 GMT) until the Sun moves into Sagittarius November 22 at 7:26 AM PST (15:38 GMT) Scorpio… (read more)

Chakra Communication

Listening to the voices of our chakras gives us invaluable information when you are trying to find peace and harmony in our relationships without compromising our own values, sense of self, independence, and freedom. The following information is from my book, Your Life Is in Your Chakras. While the Sun is in Libra is a… (read more)

Libra Seeks Balance and Harmony – 2015

The revelations and insights gained while the Sun shines in Libra can help us break free from fear-based and lopsided relationships that create pain, not love. We can have a major breakthrough in our co-dependent perception of partnerships and instead view partnerships as soul friendships dedicated to setting each other free from disempowering programming and… (read more)

Virgo Perfects Our Path – 2015

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Volume 1

Virgo helps us clarify, focus on, and work toward what makes us feel independent and whole. Virgo succeeds when it collaborates with its polarity Pisces to achieve oneness with Spirit in the human incarnation. The Virgo archetype teaches us that the body is the vessel of our soul and that the Earth and all its… (read more)