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Historic Global Reset – Aries New Moon 2020

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Astrologers knew that the three major conjunctions in 2020 would announce new beginnings, but no one predicted that the Aries new year, new moon, and spring equinox would feature an historic global reset! Who would have guessed that our lives would dramatically change in a matter of weeks? *(1) Our planet and all its inhabitants… (read more)

The Future of Kundalini Yoga

Astrology with Guru Rattana

The Virgo/Pisces polarity pair defines the context for the current discussions about our relationship with Kundalini Yoga and its role in the Aquarian Age. March 9 – Virgo Full Moon 10:48 AM PDT (17:48 GMT) at 19 degrees Virgo and Pisces. The Pisces archetype shows us where we want to go – unity consciousness and… (read more)

The Leo-Aquarius Full Moon Offers Heart Healing

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Our consciousness is impacted by the ever-changing interactive energies of the Sun, Moon, and planets with the Earth and our being. At certain times matrices of energy open new portals and new pathways become available. The three planetary conjunctions of 2020 create the energetic circumstances that support a quantum shift in consciousness. *(1) We are… (read more)

The Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga

Today, July 3rd, is my 75th birthday. To celebrate this special event I am  releasing my latest and greatest book – The Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga. A cornerstone of my legacy, the book is the distillation of over 40 years of study, practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga, and contains the true essence of… (read more)

Guru Rattana Live on Facebook

Dear Friends, Sat Nam! This week I took advantage of spring and the Aries energy to start something new! I am delighted to announce that April 8th I began sharing live on Facebook! These videos complement the theme of my blogs this year – Enter the Miracle Zone – Prepare Now for 2020. At least… (read more)

Kundalini Yoga – Guidelines to Inner Peace

Kundalini Yoga

Introduction Happy Full Moon March 1-2! While the Sun shines in Pisces is an opportune time to go inside, find, and cultivate our neutral mind, which I like to call our inner peace channel. In this blog we re-print the Kundalini Yoga blog Guidelines to Inner Peace that was first published in February 2013. These… (read more)

Manifesting Meditation

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD

See previous blog Capricorn and Saturn Are in Charge for Three Years Have you noticed a shift in energy with both the Sun and Saturn now in Capricorn? Do you feel more settled (or a desire to be more settled), eager to take care of business, to make things happen, to get your life in… (read more)