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Action-Packed Astrology for August 2020

There is so much happening during the month of August that I have posted segments of this blog on my Facebook. The 4 posts so far this month are included in this blog.

August Is Intense and Reflective
August 2020 is both action-packed and playful. For the whole month of August, Mars in Aries squares off with Jupiter (expansion), Pluto (the deep truth) and Saturn (authority) — all in Capricorn. Individualistic Aries confronts the Capricorn status quo, past, and the establishment.

The August vacation month also blesses us with multiple sextiles and trines – planetary interactions that smooth out the edges, help us relax into the flow of life, and give us positive support. Two grand trines in Earth and Water signs create the space to simply enjoy being alive.

August 2 – Sun Square Uranus
This dynamic month starts out with a surprise from the Sun square Uranus. The second day of August gets the first prize for the most intense day in that month! The Moon joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury in Cancer opposes this stellium. AND Mars in Aries squares all of the above.

You have been forewarned. This may be an optimal day for self-quarantine and social distancing. Whatever it takes to avoid confrontation and keep your cool. There is a lot of energy, so use it productively and it can be a great day!

August 3 – Full Moon in Aquarius at 11°
The energy builds up for an intense Full Moon that is square Uranus at 10° Taurus. With Uranus involved, pay attention. We can’t out guess Uranus, but we can know that it steps in with shocks and surprises where we hesitate to take action and face reality.

August 4 – Mars Squares Jupiter at 19°
Take care to monitor what you are focusing on and thus expanding and creating. Mars represents where we put our energy. This is a prime day to be honest with yourself. No blame, no shame, but take full responsibility for what you are doing with your life. One of the best ways to use this energy is to enjoy being alive!

August 5 – Mercury Enters Leo
Our thinking and communication become more confident and self-assertive when Mercury joins the Sun in Leo. We won’t be as reticent to speak our truth, which was the case when Mercury, in Cancer, would rather hide than risk being shunned or misunderstood. The touchstone for Mercury in Leo is to speak heart to heart.

August 5 – Venus Conjunct North Node
Venus lines up with the North Node at 26° Gemini on August 5. Venus has been in Gemini since April 4. We have had four months ‘to think’ about what we want, what makes us happy, and what we value most in life. Gemini exposes the duplicity between our values and our choices. When what we say and what we do don’t match, we must make some serious choices to reconcile our internal duality, i.e. conflict. This is true both personally and collectively.

The North Node represents the future and where we are headed. When Venus and the North Node align, we have to make choices about the foundation from which we create our future. We can no longer live with double standards and believe we can get away with our inauthenticity.

It is time to reflect on what has been going on in our lives during the past 4 months, and especially during the Venus Retrograde (May 13th-June 25th). How have the circumstances in your life been revealing discrepancies between how you live your life and how you wish to live your life? Challenging situations that have created pain, illness, confusion, or conflict are messages that something needs to change. Listen to your heart and feel your feelings to get answers. As you probably already know, we can’t keep secrets from ourselves. We can temporarily choose to live in denial, but we can’t breathe with our head in the sand forever.

Venus’ conjunction with the Lunar North Node reminds us that Love and kindness are always the answer.

August 7 – Venus Enters Cancer
Relax and feel the shift! Venus moves to the ‘feel good’ sign of Cancer and out of the mental duality of Gemini. How well did Gemini do its job? Did we wake up and become more conscious of the inauthenticity in our personal lives and collective institutions? Are we ready to change for real?

We have passed through seven months, over half of 2020. It is time to make an initial attempt to make sense of all this with our heart.

Mars Square Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn
The whole month of August, Mars in Aries squares Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn at 20 to 25º Aries-Capricorn. Although the exact dates are focal points, the impact of these interactions are active through January 2021. * (1) see dates for these events in notes at end of this article.

Mars represents the warrior archetype and the sacred masculine. In its unawakened state it is aggressive, conflictual, angry and violent. Awakened to its power from within, it is courageous and stands for what it believes is true and right. The house placement and sign of our Mars indicates where and how we use our energy.

Shift Gears and Perspective
The Mars in Aries squares to the planets in Capricorn pressure us to shift gears and act from an expanded perspective gained since March 20-31, when Mars was conjunct this year’s rare triple Capricorn alignment. Squares mark turning points. We are obliged to make serious changes in order to move forward.

The squares between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto invite us to think differently, to transcend the past paradigm of separation, domination, and exploitation and to join together to work toward a world where our mindset is love, not fear and our vision is for equity and justice for all.

The Planetary Energies – an Overview
Mars square Jupiter contributes to over-confidence and impulsiveness, but also to self-confidence and conviction. If we take time to think through our actions, we can prevent ourselves from overreaching and use this energy very productively.

Mars square Pluto brings our attention to issues around power, control, truth, and right action. It also brings repressed emotions to the surface. Beware of impulsively reacting rather than carefully responding.

Mars square Saturn reminds us to live within our limits, be responsible for our selves, set realistic goals, and thoughtfully define our priorities.

Ambitious Jupiter and testosterone driven Mars ignite our emotions and passions.

Saturn and Pluto bring our attention to societal implications. The group mind can get out of control and lose (or never attain) the self-reflection that self-aware individuals are capable of.

Mars squares require decisions and action. These intense and demanding planetary relationships oblige us to deeply reflect about what we are doing with our energy and our lives. It is time to make serious choices about how we want to live, how we choose to use our life force, and to our contribution to the global dynamic.

August 13 – Mars Squares Pluto
The second week in August, Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (both at 23°). This is INTENSE and this is just the beginning of a deep awakening that lasts through January 2021.

We all have to deal with it. So what are we dealing with? Mars represents our personal will, our vital energy, and how we choose to use it. Pluto represents universal will and the demand to align our will with universal will. Aries symbolizes our individual identity. Capricorn represents both our collective institutions and the maturity required to fit into society in a contributory way.

For a long time, many have been aware that our society, cultural mindset, and economic and political systems based on control, domination, and privilege create unfortunate and unbearable negative effects. 2020 appears to have brought us to a tipping point, where the presence of extreme and unacceptable social and economic conditions cannot be ignored. A growing segment of the population is no longer willing to remain silent or to be silenced. It appears that the buildup of anger, frustration, and hopelessness is coinciding with an awakening of consciousness and compassion.

The unusually long (over a year) Mars-Pluto square is triggering shifts that we might have hoped for, but could never image would be possible. Pluto works on the deep psyche. Mars is raw energy that will be expressed, one way or another. This powerful duo appears to be shifting the inner and outer foundations of our world.

The relationship of a square can act out as a clash, but it can also create an alliance between two energies that cannot be stopped. When Mars’ self-assertion and Pluto’s agenda of death/ rebirth work together, we aren’t left with much choice. We are being called to do our part in overhauling our own psyches and society. If you’re feeling obsessed, you are being driven by the force of the universe and your soul to participate in something inevitable, powerful, and ultimately rewarding.

August 15 – Uranus Goes Retrograde
August 15, Uranus begins its yearly retrograde passage at 11º Taurus, moving backwards until January 14, 2021, when it stations direct at 7º Taurus. When a planet changes direction its energy is intensified on that day. In the case of outer planets like Uranus, we feel the intensity for a several days before and after as well.

When Uranus changes direction, the surprise planet can turn the world upside down. With Uranus we have to be flexible and resilient because Uranus disrupts the status quo. It often precipitates changes in an instant. What we thought was unchangeable is changed forever.
Uranus interrupts what needs to be interrupted. Uranus steps in when necessary, not when asked. Although the surprises often start out with physical events, the goal is to shift underlying patterns and to open the space for us to move forward with our lives in an altered way.

At 10° Taurus, we will be especially impacted if we have planets or angles around 10° Taurus or in the other fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). While retrograde in Taurus, we are urged us to examine our values and relationship to money, resources, and Mother Earth.
Uranian energy can be inspiring and revelatory, but the erratic energy can also make us feel agitated and out of sorts. Stay grounded, trust your intuition, and use the energy to make progress on your creative projects.

To paraphrase Martin Luther King Jr., our ignorance, fear, division, inaction, and conflict is the others’ power.

* Notes
Because Mars is retrograde September 9 through November 13, it will make three squares to each of these planets. The second squares occur from September 29 to October 18, and the third squares from December 23 to January 23, 2021.
Mars Squares Jupiter – August 4, October 18-19, January 18, 2021
Mars Squares Pluto – August 13, October 9, and December 23
Mars Squares Saturn – August 24, September 29, January 13, 2021

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