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Archive for February 2016

Spiritual Healing and Awakening – Pisces 2016

The current Pisces influence offers all of humanity a chance to move beyond the negative downsides of unawakened consciousness in the Piscean Age. We are being given another chance to reconnect with Spirit and our spiritual essence. February 18-19 – The Sun Floats into Pisces 9:34 PM PST (5:34 GMT) The powerful alignments in Pisces… (read more)

Aquarius New Moon – Year of the Monkey

Birds flying together as a flock maneuver their journey and change direction without a designated leader. This is an example of the Aquarian collective spirit — all the parts working, flowing together with silent, aligned, and attuned communication. February 8 – The Aquarian New Moon Brings in the Year of the Monkey. 6:38 AM PST… (read more)