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Archive for 24 September 2014

The Powers of the Fifth Chakra: Throat

♥ This lecture will give you a taste of the seven-day course Awakening Your Chakra Powers that Guru Rattana will be teaching in Datca Turkey (by the sea) October 8-16, 2014. There is still time to join Guru Rattana and work with her in a personal and beautiful setting to discover your chakra powers. At… (read more)

In the Libra Arena 2014

The on-going question for the Libra/Aries polarity pair is ‘How can we find peace and balance in relationship without compromising our own values, sense of self, independence, and freedom?’ Read on to find the answer. The Sun shines in Libra from September 22 through October 23 7:22 PM PDT (14:22 GMT) The Sun moves into… (read more)