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Archive for June 2014

Solar Plexus Chakra – Gateway to the Heart

At our solar plexus we connect with our emotions as the flowing yin polarity of our soul, which expresses through our emotional/subtle body. Our emotional flowing polarity has two very important functions – to act as a feedback mechanism to guide our lives and to awaken us to soul and Divine consciousness. The problem arises… (read more)

The Sun Shines in Cancer 2014

While the Sun is in Cancer we can develop an empowering relationship with the flowing feeling polarity of our soul. The feminine is very nurturing, when we embrace it with the love that if offers us. The major themes this month are emotional awakening, integration, and balance. In July four planets change directions or signs…. (read more)

The Powers of the Third Chakra

 New Audio Series Welcome to the initial audio recording on The Powers of the Third Chakra in my new series Chakra Powers. For every chakra, I will discuss their underdeveloped and empowered characteristics and identify  the goals for each chakra, the nature of the relationships that we develop, the essence energies, the primal feelings, and… (read more)

200 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training

Guru Rattana will be one of the featured teachers and her books will be the primary texts at 200 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training July 17–August 9 and October 25–November 1, 2014 Soul of Yoga, Encinitas, CA Classes by Guru Rattana August 2 – Techniques for Inner Transformation – The Elements and the LocksAugust 8 –… (read more)

Mercury Retrograde

There are many dynamics to Mercury retrograde. This blog article discusses what to expect (and not to expect) while Mercury is retrograde, which happens 3 times a year for 21-23 days. Keep in mind that to change direction, Mercury (and all planets) must slow down. We notice the slow motion up to 2 weeks before… (read more)