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Fantastic Holiday Sale

Extra 10% discount from all regularly priced items at Yoga Technology. Many great bargains. Also low, low prices for ALL Maya Fiennes DVDs. Sale will last until midnight Eastern, January 5th, 2014. Free US Shipping available for retail orders. Generous terms for wholesale customers. Take advantage of our vast stocks and unsurpassed customer service.

My Body Is the Home of My Emotions

 We can cultivate a peaceful and grounded relationship with our physical body by taking advantage of the earth energy of Capricorn. Both the need and the opportunity to befriend our body are amplified by (1) Venus in Capricorn from November 5 through March 5, 2014, and (2) Pluto in Capricorn through 2025. Of course, it… (read more)

In the Capricorn Zone 2013

 In this blog post we investigate the cosmic dance and its probable impacts on us while the Sun is in Capricorn. The interactions between the planets are continually creating energetic configurations that focus cosmic energy. Because of our oneness with universal energies, we feel the effects of these ever-changing energy patterns. At the end of… (read more)

Kundalini Yoga to Strengthen Your Nervous System

Stretching and Breathing Exercises Although Sagittarius is an upbeat and optimistic sign, the Archer lives in dynamic tension, as illustrated by the Centaur’s drawn arrow, which is never released. Its mental activity overtaxes the nervous system. Many of us can relate to the condition of being wound up and unable to let go. Mental, emotional,… (read more)

In the Sagittarius Zone 2013

Sagittarius takes us into the hidden dynamics of the physical world that we cannot see or mechanically explain. Under the influence of Sagittarius we realize that what we see is a very small part of reality. To be open to the subtle essence of existence we must awaken our higher/neutral mind *(1) through which we… (read more)