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Archive for 27 August 2013

Cultivating the Powers of Neutral

Yogi Bhajan is often quoted as saying it takes 40 days of practice of a specific kriya or meditation to break a habit, 120 days to install a new habit, and 1000 days for mastery. What I heard him say was that it takes those many days of perfected practice to achieve the promised results,… (read more)

In the Libra Arena 2013

The Sun shines in Libra from September 22 through October 22 Aug. 22 at 4:02 PM PDT (11:02 PM GMT) through Sept. 22 September 22 — Equinox as the Sun enters Libra 1:44 PM PDT (8:44 PM GMT) At each equinox, the light of the day is equal to the darkness at night. In the… (read more)

In the Scorpio Zone 2013

October 22 – The Sun shines in Scorpio from October 22 – 4:02 PM PDT (11:02 PM GMT) through November 22 Scorpio confronts us with the subconscious programming that is holding us back and preventing us from being free, happy, and at peace. We can feel that this is true. However the process of identifying,… (read more)