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Guru Rattana Kundalini Yoga - Europe 2019

For her 2019 European tour, Guru Rattana will be offering 2 Kundalini Yoga immersion retreats, both at a beautiful spa retreat center near Sarajivo in Bosnia - a 10 day Inner Awareness Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and an 8 day Gift of Womanhood Retreat. Full details posted below.

This is a unique opportunity to be guided personally by Guru Rattana into the deep and subtle realms of consciousness and inner peace. Meet Guru Rattana in person and experience the magic of her presence and her teachings.

Last year these courses sold out quickly. Register now for early bird discounts and to insure your place!



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Yoga of Awareness Kundalini Teacher Training

With translation for Russian-speaking students. Suitable for all levels
September 19 - 29

This course is open to all students of Kundalini Yoga, to those who wish to become teachers, and to already certified teachers who wish to expand their teaching skills. Guru Rattana takes you deep into the next phase of your spiritual awakening. Enjoy the original and liberating approach of her introduction to The Inner Art of Kundalini Yoga.

The Gift of Womanhood Retreat

October 3 - 12

There is nothing more healing, nurturing, and transformational than when women join together to enjoy their spiritual essence. Be in Guru Rattana's uplifting and healing presence, and receive her blessings and wisdom for 8 days! She shares from her personal experience and belief that the most basic foundation for woman's power is to be at peace with herself, her life, and her path. Her prolific writings include 2 ground-breaking books for women The Gift of Womanhood and The Destiny of Women Is the Destiny of the World.

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