New Millennium Being


by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #62, March 6, 2003


March 10, 2003-March 12, 2011

During the last two years of the Saturn/Pluto opposition we learned many lessons. We are ready to move on to the next phase of our evolution. We have new tools in our consciousness box, which will be needed to work on the next subtler phase of our evolutionary journey. This new phase is officially launched March 10, 2003 when Uranus moves into Pisces.

Uranus is the planet of revolution. The movement of Uranus through the heavens can predictably guide us to the arenas of life where we can expect the unexpected. Uranus takes seven years to move through one sign of the zodiac. Every seven years its influence on humanity, civilization and our individual destinies is imprinted in a different arena of life. Uranus has been in Aquarius for the past seven years. During this time we have witnessed a revolution in communications, science and technology - the Internet, e-mail, digital technology, cell phones and DNA research.

Uranus is a catalyst for reform, innovation, social change and personal transformation. While Uranus was in Libra from 1968 through 1974, the peace movement, human rights and social equality were center stage. The sexual revolution and deep inner transformation (inner child healing) where highlighted from 1975 through 1981 while Uranus was in Scorpio. The New Age movement and the popularization of spirituality begin in earnest in 1981 when Uranus entered Sagittarius. While Uranus was in Capricorn between 1988 and 1994 the collapse of communism and end of old political structures changed the nature of world politics.

March 10, 2003 Uranus launches a new revolution as it moves into the realm of Pisces, the mystical waters of Neptune. This newsletter will investigate the nature of this reality shift, which will be nothing less than a revolution in what we consider reality.


The outer, or slower moving, planets determine the long-term nature of the energy available on the Planet. Thus the zodiac sign through which Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are traveling greatly impact events, the thinking and the psyche of humanity during a particular period of time.

During the past few years Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have all been in air signs. Saturn has been in Gemini since August 2000. Uranus has been in Aquarius since January 1996. Neptune entered Aquarius in January 1998 and remains in the Aquarian sky until February 2012. Pluto entered Sagittarius (fire) in November 1995 and will remain in Sag until January 2008.


The air element relates to the mind, reason, logic and analytical science. Air energy keeps us busy seeking out new information and experiences. It keeps us focused on externals, facts and analysis.

The dominance of air energy has lead to both breathtaking and frightening advances in science and technology. On the positive side, modern conveniences, instantaneous communication and medical breakthroughs have dramatically increased the quality of our physical lives. On the negative side, the human caring element of life has to be "fit into our busy schedule." The pace of change and information overload have left us confused and overwhelmed. Instead of wanting to participate, many choose to withdraw to maintain their sanity. (Withdraw at home, while on the Internet.)

It was a hay day for male/mind dominated values until Saturn spoiled the telecommunication, dotcom, technology party, by demanding accountability and integrity, and Pluto in Sag covetously exposed the abuse of power and resources. Pluto will unearth corruption until January 2008 when it enters Capricorn. Thereafter it will demand the building of new, more appropriate institutions.


The water element offers us the opportunity to make sense of our life experiences. Water invites us to check in with our feelings and understand what happened and why. The water element values inner reflection, intimate relationships, and meaningful interactions with other human beings and compassionate communication.

The dominance of air values has lead to a one-sided, narrow perspective of life. The devaluation of the water values has pushed our need for compassion and love into the unconscious. Our disconnected culture has even lead us to doubt the value or necessity for kindness and caring. Or we are just too busy and tired at the end of the day to notice.

"During the recent air-dominated cycle, many sensitive water types may have felt starved of the life-giving element in which they thrive. These years of emotional drought have brought about a tendency towards isolation." (*1) During this dry spell, fewer people entered into committed relationships, more people chose to live alone and interpersonal connections seemed more superficial and transient.

Water element values have been ignored and depreciated for too long. Major planetary shifts about to take place will serve to help redress the inexcusable abuse to women, destruction of the planet and affront to the human heart. This shift will take place in the minds, hearts and psyche of both men and women.

Both Uranus and Saturn are stepping into new homes in the zodiac to support humanity in redressing our lopsided dance. Saturn will move into Cancer June 4th, 2003 (to be discussed in a future issue.) Uranus in Pisces promises us sudden changes in our perception in what we value and consider important. We will be more aware of our feelings, more concerned about meaning and purpose, more attentive of our inner life and more aware of our emotions.

Uranus will be in Pisces

March 10, 2003 - September 15, 2003 December 30,2003 - May 28, 2010 August 14, 2010 -March 12, 2011

Because of retrograde motion, Uranus will return to Aquarius between Sept. 16, 2003 and December 29, 2003 and move into Aries between May 29, 2010 and August 13, 2010.


Uranus is the cosmic inventor and revolutionary. Uranian energy is radical and unpredictable. Pisces is the most mysterious and enigmatic sign of the zodiac. It represents the depths of the unconscious and spiritual life. Both energies are eccentric and nonconformist and "other" reality oriented. Both serve to join finite and infinite consciousness and foster understanding and communication between polarities, whether they be the conscious and the unconscious, the human and the divine, or the feminine and the masculine.

Aquarius worships reason and science. Pisces worships Spirit. Pisces provides the liquid substance that makes it possible for us to merge with the vast, mystical universal forces. Pisces excludes none. Whoever is willing can benefit from Pisces sacred waters. Everyone can feel nurtured by the energy of unconditional love. As Uranus pours the healing waters of Pisces onto the Earth, we will all feel more compassionate, peaceful and forgiving. As Uranus breathes life into the neglected feminine, we can all be more in touch with our feelings. We can all dare to be more creative and expressive. Deeper and more meaningful relationships will be welcomed and possible. Individually and in relationship we will feel our connection with Spirit and our soul.


Examination of the chart for March 10 when Uranus moves into Pisces (where the planets are located and how they relate to each other) gives us an idea of what we can expect during the period that Uranus remains in Pisces. The overall energy is one of "conflict and inconsistencies, opposing views and trying circumstances." (*2)

Unpredictable Uranus is going to create glaringly visible and long-term changes in structures that we believed were permanent and stable. Lively conflicts and power struggles are a likely feature of these times.

Uranus in Aquarius led to a worldwide revolution in communication through the egalitarian Internet. Uranus in Pisces will lead to a worldwide revolution in areas defined by Pisces. This includes medicine, music, the arts, the movie industry, alcoholism, spirituality, the oceans and water related industries and endeavors.


Where will we experience the most dramatic changes? Where can we expect the unexpected? The territory of Pisces encompasses spirituality, the imagination, psychic sensitivity, divine connection, and mysticism. Pisces, the last of the signs of the zodiac, is without boundaries, limits or control. Pisces contains all within itself. Pisces goes with the flow, whether the flow be calm or stormy. Its tendency to be easily swayed leads it to be easily victimized.

"Mystics with modems" (*3) and spiritual technology will be the order of the day. Uranus in Pisces will certainly create an unpredictable psychic revolution. As the veil between physical and etheric realities melts, our separation from the divine will become more and more transparent. We will be increasingly receptive to telepathic communication and aware of our commonalties. It will also be harder to tell the difference between fantasies and imagination and what is real and operable.

The big question is how are we going to deal with our expanded reality? Connection with the spirit can refresh our being. Connection with feelings can help us befriend our emotions. Psychic attunement can enhance our intuitive and instinctual knowing. However, those whose physical, emotional and mental channels are blocked or corrupted with toxic foods, chemicals and thoughts, may experience the new openings as threatening and confusing. The choice is going to be between radical detoxification or debilitating forms of escapism and addiction.

Uranus in Pisces is going to make alternate realities into a daily routine. Emotional and spiritual maturity will determine how the availability of invisible forces impacts each of us. For those who can handle the increased psychic sensitivity, saintly sanity is available. For those who are unprepared or unwilling to embrace the heightened sensitivity, psychic disturbances and insanity will be the order of the day. Sanity will require the ability to stay centered and detached, so as not to be swept away by waves of energetic emotions and impressions.

The ability to cultivate and maintain physical, emotional and mental stability will be absolutely essential. Those with solid spiritual training are going to be delighted to experience the real thing, instead of just going through the motions. Those without spiritual training and understanding, need to take a "crash" course quick or risk being burned out by the intensity of the cosmic play.


Uranus delivers the revolutionary truth that divine connection is an individual experience. Not only are intermediaries not necessary, they are false gods. While Uranus is in Pisces, our consciousness wants to free itself from the bondage of dogma and rigid beliefs. The authority of established religions will lose its control over people's minds. The boundaries and rules that traditional religions have set for human behavior will also dissolve and disappear. For those who have a direct divine connection, this will be a welcome relief. Those who do not may feel like they are wandering in the fog of no man's land, not knowing where to turn and finding no one to guide them.

Our earthly soul goal is to consciously connect with Spirit. In our human incarnation, we want to experience, allow and invite the inflow of spirit into our body, to draw spirit down to the physical plane, and then to be the vehicle to send this energy out into the world. In Pisces territory, the soul undergoes its final testing and polishing so that it can merge back with the Divine. "The soul's realization of its proximity to spirit lends Pisces its typical yearning to finally be free of the earthly plane." (*4)


The revolutionary Jesus was born while Uranus was in Pisces. His major revolutionary statement was "Forgive them, they know not what they do." He ascended into Christ consciousness when he was able to move into a state of pure forgiveness.

The last time Uranus transited Pisces and Pluto was moving through Sagittarius was between 1752 and 1760. "The mass rejection of traditional religion, and its replacement with science, caused one of the most sweeping historical revolutions." (*5) This beginning of the modern age marked a shift from God-centered to human-centered thinking. Divine Right interpreted by the king and the church and superstition was replaced by human reason and the scientific method.

The cycle initiated in 1752 is now complete and a new cycle is about to begin. The pendulum has swung in the opposite extreme. Now materialism has lead to the rape of the planet and our psyches. Reason has become unreasonable. Technology is used to make weapons of mass destruction and "political leaders" actually believe they are justified in using them! As the insanity of the polar swing becomes more and more apparent, the new cycle opens the possibility of honoring and understanding the true essence of the two polarities and the integration of enlightened spirituality into politics.


The intensification of energies and rapid, lightening bolt changes in our psychic and spiritual awareness will affect our psychological as well as our physical health. It will become more and more imperative that we take care of our physical bodies and nurture them as vehicles for the full expression of our soul.

Those who cannot cope will increasingly try to find escape routes through drugs and alcohol and be prone to unexplained violent behavior. Those with no viable outlets of expression and means of understanding will be consumed by fear, confusion and even madness. The uninitiated will have no way to distinguish between merging realities or how to differentiate between which voices and visions offer reliable guidance and which are dangerous. An authentic spiritual path is a requirement for handling the crisis that potentially faces all of us. The steady support of the connection with the divine will be the only reliable place to turn.

While Saturn is in Cancer (June 4, 2003 and July 16, 2005), the two water signs offer us a chance to embrace the only real solution - Love. These two energies invite us to open our hearts so that we can actually experience the universal energy that makes it possible to feel compassion. This transcendent experience in our feeling body is the only salve that can soothe our hypersensitive emotional bodies. Talking about love is not going to satisfy us. This time we have to truly become vessels for the universal energy to flow through us and awaken us to the bliss of union with the divine.


What's real? Ask Pisces and you are not going to get a clear, logical answer. If Pisces were a real person, he would just smile. If we were "real" we would hear the answer, not as words or thoughts but as pure love from the heart. Pisces tells us that we can only find the truth in our hearts. Our heads do not have access to Piscean territory.

The gift of Pisces is to connect us with authentic love. Not temporary romantic love, but the love that is always there in our hearts. Pisces helps us release our resistance to experiencing this universal reality. Pisces teaches us how to unconditionally love love. To get to this state of consciousness we have to give up our stories, our belief systems, our conditions and our attachments. This might seem like a daunting process. And it is, if we think that our ego is in charge. But in Piscean territory, our limited ego is not in charge. The sea of universal love washes our stories and attachments away. We really have no choice but to surrender to higher love of the non-physical dimension of reality where only pure energy exists.

While Uranus is in Pisces, we will be abruptly reminded that what we once thought was real no longer exists. We already know that the safe, secure corporate jobs no longer exist. Maybe our home no longer exists either. Whatever it takes to wake us up to a new reality, Pisces will wash it away. We are each going to undergo a revolutionary reality shift - both inner and outer. We said we wanted to be happy and at peace. Well, Pisces is going to show us the baseline for this consciousness - no attachment.


I can feel you reading this and getting a bit afraid. I am rather surprised as I write these words too. But at the same time, the apprehension seems unreal. It doesn't have the power that I thought it would. I feel more peace than resistance in my body. And this is the blessing of Pisces - we give up our resistance because there is nothing to resist in Pisces waters. Our old fears don't compute. There is no energy for our neuroses. In this fluid reality, we cannot hold on. And we don't even want to because the flow is simultaneously exhilarating and serene.

The current feels strong if we are perched like a rock in the middle of rushing waters. But it gentle and supportive if we are swimming and letting ourselves be carried with the current. In the middle of a stream, we do not have to be worried about what to give up. If it is a burden, it will effortlessly be taken away.

Each day Pisces will ask us, "Who are you now? What beats in your heart today?" As our past disappears, we will find it much easier to be in the present moment. In the now, we will know the answers to these questions.


Uranus is Pisces is going to push us out of our box. And then we are going to be really surprised when we find out there is no box! Like magic, our fantasy safe box disappears. And our deeply held concept of reality is blow forever. What we thought was real is no more. And maybe it never was. In either case, it is a moot point now and not worth discussing.

Change, transformation and evolution happen by expanding our awareness. We need an open ended mind that allows us to move beyond our current limitations, resistances and definitions of what we consider OK and NOT OK. We need a flexible belief system that allows us to redefine the parameters what we consider safe and perceptions that we compute as real. Uranus in Pisces is going to make sure to jolt us out of any limited, technically defined paradigms that prevent us from opening up to expanded realities. Pushing the envelope and moving beyond our current situation is going to be the name of the game.

Our physical, material reality will be challenged until we get the lesson that we have to build our confidence and security upon inner, spiritual values. Pisces is going to show us "what IS" and it is not going to be the same as our opinions and beliefs of how we think things should be. Uranus in Pisces is going to restructure both our psyche and our priorities.


One of the areas where we are already feeling the impact is in the area of work. Work only to make money and feel financially secure does not compute with Pisces. If we want to feel satisfied and earn a living, we have to do something to make a difference in our world. We have to serve in some way. We can't fake it and we can't work for someone else's dream. We can of course work together. That is the Aquarian spirit. But we have to share the dream, not be a slave to someone else's.

We simply are not going to create a feeling of satisfaction from a mental calculation mode. The universe is not going to compute our conditions or cooperate with out demands. Manipulative expectations and acting out of guilt or obligation will also sabotage us. Opportunities will open up to truly serve by offering our gifts from our hearts. In service, we get something back in addition to financial rewards. We are rewarded in the area of consciousness. Something shifts inside our mind and heart, and it feels good.


From now on, inner management is a requirement for survival. The bad news is that we will go crazy if we don't learn how to manage our mind and balance our emotions. The good news is that these goals are possible, if we take the time to use the available technology. The heightened energies actually make it possible to achieve levels of expanded awareness where inner peace and emotional balance exist.


A disciplined spiritual practice is a necessity. Yogi Bhajan taught us that the chanting of any divine Kundalini Yoga mantra will link us to expanded realities. If you want help adapting to a new reality, the Mul Mantra is a great paradigm shifter. The meaning and vibration of this mantra create an open neutral space where we can tune into infinite possibilities. During this time, it is highly recommend to include this chant in your daily routine. (Do not chant it in the car. It is not a car mantra.)

Mul mantra is the first chant of the current Sadhana chants. For a longer version of the Mul Mantra check out Longing to Belong by Gurudass.


The meditation below stimulates our ability to remember how to love. The hand position was given to fix the memory aspect of the ears. It is through memory that traditions are passed on.

HAND POSITION The fingers are interlaced and placed on the heart. The thumbs are pointing up straight so that they land on the heart meridians.

I decided to do this meditation with the intention of remembering the space of the heart. It was given sitting up, but I do it lying down. I like to have a meditation to do lying down to relax after a busy day or to do as I am falling asleep. I think you might like this too. I utilize the techniques of Sat Nam Rasayan or Sacred Space meditation.

  1. Lie on your back with your hands to the sides. Be aware of, allow and be present to all the sensations in your body. Start with one sensation at a time and then include another in your consciousness awareness. Keep adding one at a time, while including all of the previous sensations. Whatever you are aware of is your sacred space. This is your baseline. Include how your breath feels in your body. Everything that you are aware of is included without judgment or evaluation.
  2. Then place your hands on your heart with your fingers interlaced and thumbs pointing up on the heart meridians. Where the thumbs land straight up is your heart meridian.
  3. Set you intention to remember the space of love in your heart. You can make your own version of this intention.
  4. Then be aware of new sensations in your space. How did your body react to this intention? The intention will create some kind of shift in your sensations.
  5. Be aware of, allow, be present to and contemplate each new sensation, one at a time. This process will release the resistance or blocked energy that has been reacted by your reaction to the intention. This is a very gentle and subtle process. ALLOW is the key concept. Take time to be with the delicate energy of the sensations in your body.
  6. Releasing the resistance can be facilitated by adding an element that all the sensations merge into. You can bring each sensation into the breath and merge the sensation with the breath. Another very powerful technique is to LISTEN to a mantra being chanted and let the sensations merge into the sound. Use the listening technique for 11 or more minutes. Mul mantra is a good one to use. I love listening to Gurunam's RA MA DA SA CD. The beat pulses the vibration of each sound through my body. See
  7. When you feel that your whole space (everything that you are aware of) is at one with the mantra vibration, take each sensation, one at a time and bring it into your heart. Feel, see and listen to each sensation or whatever you are experiencing at the heart. This consolidation and stabilization at the heart will open the heart chakra.

The night after my first practice of this meditation, I dreamed of my best friend while I was studying in Geneva for 6 years. I had come back to visit him. He was successful, happy, very much in demand and respected for who he was and what he did. I was so happy to see him. I felt too much love for him. When I woke up I realized that the meditation was working already. The memory of love was awakening in my consciousness.

Please share your experience of how love awakens in your heart.


Transitions to a Heart-Centered World, 2nd Edition is flying off our shelves. Our sales of this book have multiplied in the last few weeks. I think it is the energy Pisces love that is infusing the planet. People want to be part of the love revolution.


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