New Millennium Being


by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

Issue #147 - April 24, 2008


This newsletter is divided into 3 sections.




This issue discusses the qualities, path and lessons of the Taurus archetype. If you are interested in discovering the relationship between desire, pleasure, contentment, using your creative potential, financial security, abundance and prosperity and the art of manifestation, this issue is for you. The last section offers directives to use during your practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation to cultivate magnetism and to activate and direct your creative urges.


APRIL 19 - The Sun grazed into Taurus April 19th at 9:51 AM PDT (4:51 PM GMT). The Sun starts to party in Gemini May 20th at 9:01 AM (4:51 PM GMT)

APRIL 20 - Scorpio Full Moon at 3:27:AM PDT (10:27 AM GMT)

MAY 3 - Saturn goes direct at 2 degrees Virgo 8:07 PM PDT (May 4 3:07 AM GT)

MAY 5 - Taurus New Moon at 5:19 AM PDT (12:19 PM GMT)

MAY 9 - Jupiter goes retrograde at 5:11 AM PDT (12:11 PM GMT)

MAY 19-20 - Second Scorpio Full Moon at 7:12 PM PDT (May 20 - 2:12 AM GMT)

MAY 26 - Mercury at 22 degrees Gemini goes retrograde at 8:48 AM PDT (3:48 PM GMT)

JUNE 19 - Mercury goes direct at 13 degrees Gemini at 7:31 AM PDT (12:31 PM GMT)

MAY 26 - Neptune goes retrograde at 9:15 AM PDT (4:15 PM GMT)

JUNE 23 - Uranus goes retrograde at 2 degrees Pisces at 5:01 PM PDT (June 24 at 12:01 AM GMT)

PLUTO is retrograde April 2nd through September 8th.


The month of Taurus is the time (1) to pay special attention to our earthly affairs, (2) to examine the state of our resources, (3) to put our material lives in order and (4) to pay attention to the quality of our lives.

Scorpio Full Moons - April 20, and May 19-20

There are two successive Full Moons in Scorpio. Two consecutive Full Moons in the same sign significantly increase the impact of the energies and add an extra emphasis to the lessons we are supposed to learn. Sparing off with Taurus, these Scorpio Full Moons illuminate where we are discontent and where we seek to find more satisfaction. Taurus, the first earth sign, quests for security and stability, desires sensual enjoyment and works for a creative and productive relationship with the material world. Scorpio points out where we have to transform our consciousness to achieve both inner and outer security and quality in our lives.

Taurus and Scorpio are the resource axis. They work together to help us understand what we want and what we have to do (or not do) to get it. Between these Full Moons we need to commit to change what needs to be transformed - within and without. We can figure this out by reviewing our values, identifying our deepest desires and defining our highest priorities. When we listen to and follow our heart we can live our truth.

Taurus New Moon - May 5

The Taurus New Moon is the first of five SuperMoons this year. The term SuperMoon refers to a new or full Moon that occurs when the Moon is closest in its orbit to the Earth. The closer the Moon is to the Earth the more intense the gravitational pulls both in water and on land. We humans feel an increase in the intensity of our emotions.

For several weeks we will feel the benefits of a Grand Trine in Earth. Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter in Capricorn and the Sun and Moon in Taurus form triangle relationship with each other. Grand trines reduce resistance and allow for more flow of energy. Practically, what we put energy into yields results. It is important to take action at this time. First, the trine energies facilitate forward movement and progress. Second, we are given a break from the downside of Earth, which is fixation with the status quo and stuckness. Third, what worked before is no longer operable. We can't do business as usual.

Saturn goes direct May 2nd at 1 degree Virgo. This is a major green light to move forward.

Jupiter goes retrograde May 9th (through September 7th ). Jupiter in Capricorn instructs us to play by the rules, set realistic goals and take practical action. Both Mercury and Neptune go retrograde May 26th.


Earth energy can help us relax, but too much earth energy can make us lethargic and even sleepy. I have talked to numerous people in the last few days who are experiencing an unusual heaviness and sleepiness. The grand trine in earth can be part of this energetic experience. Also as Saturn slows down to stationary before it goes direct May 2nd, its influence is augmented. Saturn's heavy hand is now in earthy Virgo. Monitor how you feel after Saturn goes direct and during this time of Taurus, especially at the Taurus new moon. For sure we will all feel more lively when the Sun enters Gemini May 20th.

My best advice is to flow with the energies. If you feel tired, rest. Don't push yourselves. If you need more fire, exercise, do Kundalini yoga and breath of fire. Energies change all the time.



Our culture is obsessed with the issues and interests of the Taurus archetype - *work, *money, *possessions, *sexuality, *sensuality and *pleasure. The Taurus Bull symbolizes the auspicious things in life - *security, *ease and comfort, *wealth, and *vitality. Taurus priorities are *financial security, *physical comfort and *sensual enjoyment.


The Taurus archetype symbolizes our relationship with wealth, resources, material objects, our body and the physical world. Taurus is willing to work to achieve and maintain a secure, stable, material lifestyle. But the Taurus archetype is not just about working hard and earning money so we can buy what we want.

To have what we want and VALUE, we must (1) activate and use our creative potential, (2) develop our unique competency in the physical realm, (3) establish our connection with the physical environment, (4) cultivate a feeling of abundance within ourselves and (5) honor ourselves with a solid sense of personal self-worth.

The Taurus archetype is about how we use our creative energy and direct our creative urge. It is about the manifestation process. The Bull's sensual, earthy, passionate nature and urge to create that makes manifestation possible.


The Taurus path seeks to enjoy the peace of mind and the emotional serenity that material security and physical pleasures afford. The Taurus path is not about solitude and retreat from the physical world.

It is a Taurus life lesson to learn how to maneuver in the physical world. So Taurus is not going to relate to talk about transcending the physical world and the evils of money. It is the Taurus path to be preoccupied with prosperity and abundance. Taurus needs to figure out how spiritual laws apply to the physical world and to learn how to function effectively in the physical world.

The Taurus path involves learning about the laws of manifestation and the laws of attraction. It also includes being available to witness and enjoy Spirit as it animates life on the planet. The Taurus path requires (1) being grounded in the body, (2) operating effectively in the physical world, (3) being able to manifest and manage the resources to take care of ourselves, (4) experiencing Spirit in our daily lives and (5) attuning to and appreciating the beauty and sacredness of nature.


Immature Taurus can be greedy and too preoccupied with making and accumulating money and things. As Taurus matures it finds out that what it is questing for is A FEELING of SECURITY, SUFFICIENCY and ABUNDANCE.

Taurus is fascinated with money and finance, likes owning property and a home, feels fulfilled being a provider, and enjoys the pleasures of the physical world. But to cultivate THE FEELING, Taurus needs to learn

[1] to enjoy, not just be obsessed with the money game,

[2] to establish a secure financial base and use it to take care of ourselves,

[3] to overcome worries of not having enough,

[4] to let go of anxiety about loss and

[5]to enjoy and appreciate the wealth that it has.


Taurus is one of the four fixed signs. The others are Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.

The Powers of the Fixed Signs include (1) Concentration and focus, (2) Abundant life force, stamina, and perseverance, and (3) Interest in mundane and worldly affairs.

The Problems of the Fixed Signs include (1) Inertia, (2) Taking the material world too seriously, (3) Attachment and (4) Possessiveness


Taurus represents the second stage of our human development, which is about the activation and use of creative energy. Taurus is motivated by a deep inner urge to be creative and to be part of the evolutionary process. Our Taurus energy is eager to express itself and must immerse itself in the physical world and the process of manifestation to do so.

Taurus must build and be involved in some creative project to feel satisfied. Inner peace is elusive if we are not working with our favorite tools and producing something - music, art, crafts, physical structures, or financial, construction or spiritual projects.

Engaged in the creative process, we attune and utilize our inner creative fire. The more we use our fire energy creatively, the less likely this emotional fire will erupt and disrupt our lives. Taurus needs to be very aware of the volcanic nature of its emotions. They lie deep within, not on the surface as with the water signs. But if Taurus is not expressing its creative energy productively, this energy will awaken us to this unacceptable state of affairs.


Aries and Taurus have radically different temperaments and modes of expression.

Taurus lacks the active, fiery drive of Aries. Taurus is more comfort-loving, content, and desirous of security. Aries is simply happy to be alive. Its goals are often vaguely defined and its passion is not always purposefully directed.

Taurus needs a specific goal and an object toward which its energy is directed. The Bull is physically strong and will work diligently until it achieves the desired result. But DESIRE is stronger in Taurus than the urge to take action.

Taurus is feminine, earthy and a fixed sign. It has its own creative nature. Its feminine nature is passive, available, full of potential, bubbling with desire and emotional. Its desire energy is downward, toward the earth. The Bull contains vital sexual energy, which is available for manifestation and procreation.

Taurus energy is magnetic. The symbiotic relationship between Taurus and the natural environment greatly enhances its magnetic and creative capacity. The earthy Bull embodies the forces of attraction and repulsion, which produce intense feelings in our desire body. It is powerfully drawn to sensuality, sexuality, materiality, and the enjoyment of the pleasures of life. *(1)


Venus is the ruler of Taurus. Lucky Taurus. Venus represents our desire nature and the universal principle of attraction, which produces our human sensual, sexual, passionate and creative impulses.

Venus is linked with the divine manifestation principle and the down flow of spiritual energy towards the Earth. The downward movement produces sexual attraction, sensual urges, the desire to love and be loved and the urge to create and manifest. *(2)

Venus infuses us with passion and sparks our creative urge. Its impulse activates within each of us our role in the Divine evolutionary plan on the physical plane. It directs our creative activities to constructive and purposeful activities.

Spirit expresses through us with the objective of externalizing the latent faculties of our being. We follow our destiny path when we are engaged in divinely inspired creative endeavors. We can attain a level of contentment once our creative urge is appropriately focused and one-pointed.

Taurus and Venus teach us that to be satisfied we must be involved in the evolutionary release of Spirit that is hidden in physical form. Taurus represents the potential and the readiness to awaken to and enjoy Spirit expressing itself on the physical plane.


The Bull is disinterested in everything that does not concern it. It does not like to waste energy and must purposefully direct its creative energy. Directed to a well chosen goal, the Bull has immense strength and vitality. Its desire must be aroused, but once it is, it goes after it with all its power.

The Bull teaches us that right livelihood and work is a creative act, not punishment. Humans NEED to feel useful and to contribute to the lives of others and to our community. We NEED to be involved in creative projects and to accomplish something tangible and useful.

We achieve a sense of satisfaction not only through (1) money earned, but also though (2) the skills that we master, (3) the services that we offer, (4) the creations that we complete and (5) the contributions that we make.


The secrets of the laws of attraction, success and happiness are hidden inside each human being. YOUR special formula is encoded in your body, mind, emotions, breath and soul. The practice of the ancient technology of Kundalini yoga and meditation make it possible to decode and activate YOUR unique formula. For best results, practice Kundalini yoga with the intention of awakening to your special mode and to activating and directing your creative fire.

You can use the following directives with any Kundalini Yoga kriya or meditation. However, the now classic prosperity kriya is the "Opportunity and Green Energy Set" which is in my manuals - Transitions to a Heart Ccntered World (pp. 124-125), Relex and Renew, (pp.78-9), Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, (pp. 44-45).

There a lot of prosperity meditations. In addition to the HARI HARI HARI HAR meditation included in the set, try the one on page 165 of TRANSITIONS.


Between exercises focus your attention on the following. Pick one point to focus on at a time. Moving through these areas of attention during the set is one way to progressively work with your energy.

[1] Feel the fire of desire within your being.

[2] Feel your desire energy radiate as magnetism.

[3] Feel the Mother, feminine nature of your body and the Earth.

[4] Allow yourself to receive the Divine flow of energy into your body.

[5] Contain this energy so that it is available for your creative endeavors.

[6] Be receptive to cooperating with universal forces.

[7] Be willing to the work that it takes to accomplish your tasks.

Sat Nam!


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