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Guru Rattana - International Tour 2016

We are still putting together Guru Rattana's 2016 tour itinerary. Posted below are details of the confirmed dates and the information currently available. We will add to this as we receive additional information.

This is a unique opportunity for you to meet Guru Rattana in person and experience the magic of her presence and her teachings. Save the dates!



Gift of Womanhood - Retreat

August 17 - 25

Contact: Ransher Kaur Jannsen


Frushka Mountains

Yoga of Awareness - Russian Teacher Training

With translation for Russian-speaking students
September 1 - 12
Contact: Hari Kartar Kaur - Yoga X-Press -


ROVINJ - By the Sea

How Do I Love? - Retreat

September 17 - 25

Bring awakened consciousness and unconditional love into your life and relationahips. And bring your partner to the workshop!

The course manual is designed to support your personal practice of Kundalini Yoga, and for Kundalini Yoga teachers to teach their own courses.

Contact details from:



Oslo - panorama

Sacred Space Meditation and Healing Workshop

October 8 - 9

Contact: Lill Janne Legård, mobil: + 47 47373194
Britt Bjørgård, mobil +47 90681340



Älvsborgsbron, Gothenburg

Who Do I Love? Healing Mother and Father Wounds - Workshop

October 15 - 16
Contact: Clara Nestor/Hari Kaur - Tel: (+46) 31 148509


LONDON - Shepherds Bush Gurdwara

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji Explains the Spiritual Path

October 22 - 23

Contact: Janice Timms - Tel: (+44) (0)7905 494434 or (+44) (0)207 823 4139



Labský důl, Krkonoše

Secluded countryside resort in Poland (just over Czech border) 2.5 hours from Prague

Sacred Space Meditation and Healing Retreat

October 27 - 31

PRAGUE - Yogame Studio

Master Class - How do I Love?

November 1

Contact: Irena Sorfova - Tel: (+420) 777 015 700


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