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Crimson Collection 6 and 7

Crimson Collection 6 and 7 by Singh Kaur | Kim Robertson

Singh Kaur | Kim Robertson

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Ardas and Blessings

Crimson Collection 6 & 7 from Singh Kaur and Kim Robertson is the third CD in the Crimson series. It contains two beautiful mantra recordings - Ardas (Answers your Prayers) & Blessings.

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Ardas (Answers your Prayers)
In ancient times, Ardas was known as the prayer that goes beyond all prayers. Let this healing energy touch your life in those times when you most deeply need to find answers and put them to work on your behalf. The power of this healing sound will continue even after the audible sound current has finished.

The celestial sound of Singh Kaur is combined with innovative music by the group Mosaic, using guitar, keyboard and the sounds of nature. This music has the power to turn situations from negative to positive.

  • Audio CD running time = 63:21
  • UPC: 039848031020
  • Producer: Liv Singh
  • Manufacturer: Invincible Productions. Released: 1991
  • Catalog: CD11003
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5 x 0.4 inches (14.0 x 12.7 x 1.0 cm)
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Singh Kaur

The late Singh Kaur (Lorellei, Laura Drew) was a singer-composer-arranger of rare magnitude. Well-respected and loved by all who knew her, she was in possession of both a keen compositional mind and a soothing, crystal clear voice. Her live concerts uplifted and inspired many, and her wonderful recordings continue to do so.


Kim Robertson

Kim Robertson has redefined the rich traditions of the Celtic harp with her expressive and energetic style. Her work encompasses over 20 albums, several volumes of harp arrangements, instructional videos and a long list of international concerts and retreats.


The innovative and dreamy music by Mosaic, using guitar, keyboard and the sounds of nature, provides the perfect backdrop for the celestial voice of Singh Kaur in Crimson Collection 7. This music has the power to bring a positive vibe to any negative situation.



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