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Guru Singh began playing music at the age of five, and started his recording career with Warner Bros. Reprise label in the music revolution of the 1960s. He has studied and taught Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years - always with his music and chanting which form an integral part of his classes.

Guru Singh

In January of 1969, after meeting Yogi Bhajan, he began his daily Kundalini Yoga practice. He was the first Westerner to wear the turban, and began accompanying the Master as he taught at Universities, lecture halls, spiritual centers and Sikh Gurudwaras around the world.

As chairman of the International Council of Sikh Ministers, Guru Singh has worked with spiritual and religious leaders of nearly every faith, working to connect diverse communities around the world. His extensive music background and knowledge of Sahaj Shabd (sound) therapy enables him to offer a unique approach to counseling, restoring the natural human physical, mental and emotional harmonies through meditation and applied sound.

Guru Singh has recorded a number of CDs, some of which are not currently available. His revolutionary and still very popular Game of Chants, a corroboration with his good friends GuruGanesha Singh, Thomas Barquee and Seal, was an early and very successful attempt to launch a new musical genre of “Spirit Rock”.

Anyone who has attended Summer Solstice Camp in NM will know him from his (very) early morning wake-up song - "Rise Up" - (also included in Game of Chants) as he serenades one and all with his guitar.

Guru Singh is a third generation yogi and teacher of Humanology and the Kundalini Yoga Experience. He is a musician, composer, author, and a Minister of Sikh Dharma with a Doctorate of Divinity. He is one of the Founding Directors of the Miri Piri Academy, an international elementary through high school in Amritsar, India, where students from around the world benefit from an academic curriculum delivered with a spiritual-global focus.

Members of his family lived in India in the early 20th Century. His great aunt studied with Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi) and traveled with him to the US and served him until his passing in 1952. He was an early mentor for the young Guru Singh (born 1945) in his family home in Seattle.

A devoted family man, he has bases in Los Angeles, Seattle and India, and teaches around the world with his wife, Guruperkarma Kaur. They have two children, a son Sopurkh born 1977 and a daughter Hari Purkh born 1983.


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