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Guru Rattana Blog

Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

Guru Rattana’s London Workshop and New Book Launch


My much anticipated London Workshop – Awaken to Love with Japji – will take place on the weekend October 22/23rd in the beautiful spiritual surroundings of the Central Gurdwara,  62, Queensdale Road, London W11 4SG, UK I will show you how to understand and experience the spiritual path as taught by Guru Nanak in Jap-ji. We will… (read more)

Libra Seeks Balance and Harmony – 2016

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

Our lives are filled with many diverse relationships — from family members, intimate partners, friends, co-workers, to casual acquaintances and brief interactions with service personnel. While the Sun shines in Libra we explore how we interact with each one another. September 22 – the Sun Enters Libra at the fall equinox 1:21 AM PDT (8:21… (read more)

Sing to Your Soul

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

Jap-ji is the song eternal, song of love, and song of spiritual wisdom. – Yogi Bhajan In this blog I would like to introduce my new book Sing to Your Soul, which explains the essence of Jap-ji, the spiritual discourse of Guru Nanak. It is recommended by Yogi Bhajan to read Jap-ji at the beginning… (read more)

Leo Shines the Heart Light 2016

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

When the Sun shines in Leo, we are reminded that our life journey is about learning to be our authentic selves and to shine our heart light in the world. July 22 -August 22 – The Sun Shines in Leo 2:30 AM PDT (9:30 GMT) The Sun moves into Virgo August 22 at 9:39 AM… (read more)

Honesty, Truth, and Humor Win the Game!

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

Gemini loves the game of life and is an avid player. Gemini’s polarity pair Sagittarius holds the key to winning and success. Two full moons in Sagittarius challenge all of us to monitor our inner conversations, listen to our hearts instead of our stories, and tell ourselves the truth. As we develop the habit of… (read more)

Equinox, Lunar Eclipse, Aries — Change!

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Volume 1

Do you feel something going on? You are not alone! There was a dramatic energy shift when the Sun moved from Pisces to Aries. The Pisces archetype is more impersonal and divine. The day the Sun went into Aries and the Spring Equinox, Aries sent out a strong message urging us to create a profound… (read more)

Spiritual Healing and Awakening – Pisces 2016


The current Pisces influence offers all of humanity a chance to move beyond the negative downsides of unawakened consciousness in the Piscean Age. We are being given another chance to reconnect with Spirit and our spiritual essence. February 18-19 – The Sun Floats into Pisces 9:34 PM PST (5:34 GMT) The powerful alignments in Pisces… (read more)