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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

Equinox, Lunar Eclipse, Aries — Change!

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Volume 1

Do you feel something going on? You are not alone! There was a dramatic energy shift when the Sun moved from Pisces to Aries. The Pisces archetype is more impersonal and divine. The day the Sun went into Aries and the Spring Equinox, Aries sent out a strong message urging us to create a profound… (read more)

Spiritual Healing and Awakening – Pisces 2016


The current Pisces influence offers all of humanity a chance to move beyond the negative downsides of unawakened consciousness in the Piscean Age. We are being given another chance to reconnect with Spirit and our spiritual essence. February 18-19 – The Sun Floats into Pisces 9:34 PM PST (5:34 GMT) The powerful alignments in Pisces… (read more)

Aquarius New Moon – Year of the Monkey


Birds flying together as a flock maneuver their journey and change direction without a designated leader. This is an example of the Aquarian collective spirit — all the parts working, flowing together with silent, aligned, and attuned communication. February 8 – The Aquarian New Moon Brings in the Year of the Monkey. 6:38 AM PST… (read more)

Create from Your Heart – Leo Full Moon


Aquarius and Leo work together to create a heart-centered world. January 20 – The Sun moves into Aquarius at 7:28 AM PST (15:28 GMT) Aquarius is about the collective and how we work together. Aquarius is the inclusive context for all society’s individual participants. Aquarius represents the edge between continual reform and revolution. When people… (read more)

Use Navel Fire to Open Your Heart


One of the most beautiful things about practicing Kundalini Yoga is that we can help create more light in the world. We can each do our part to dissolve fear and anger with the higher frequencies of peace and love. Every morning we can light up our own lamp and let it shine during the… (read more)

Fantasy Busters – 2016 – Part 2

Challenges to Fundamental Beliefs Events in the upcoming year 2016 are going to challenge many fundamental beliefs that are embedded in the collective psyche and inherently untrue. Encounters and situations outside our comfort zone and habitual frame of reference serve to make us more aware of our beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and biases. To discern fact… (read more)

Reorientation from Fear to Love

Cancer Full Moon – December 25 3:11 AM PST (11:11 GMT) The Cancer Full Moon blesses us at Christmas. The sign of the Mother, nurturing, family, and home offers us cozy environments and inner peace on this special day. Full Moons give us the perfect opportunity to integrate the blessings of zodiac polarities. Complementing Cancer… (read more)

Fantasy Busters – 2016 – Part 1

Guru Rattana

As planetary alignments continuously shift, the evolutionary configuration of the sacred geometry of our solar system impacts the electromagnetic field of the Earth and its inhabitants. Every alignment encodes its messages in our psyche. Each energetic pattern both challenges us and offers us expanded possibilities and perspectives. As we receive energetic downloads, we are assisted… (read more)