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Guru Rattana Blog

Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

Happiness and an Honest Heart

Jod Kriya (below) is a simple and impactful Kundalini Yoga technique to activate the heart chakra. It is a great practice any time, but is offered now to take advantage of the space of love created by February 5 – March 19 — the Sun in Pisces February 26 — the Solar Eclipse New Moon in… (read more)

From Thinking to Consciousness

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana PhD

One of the most basic goals of our Kundalini Yoga spiritual practice is to shift from relying on thinking in our dualistic mind to awakening our neutral mind so we can use consciousness and intuition to navigate our life. In our neutral mind we acquire Inner Vision — the ability to look inside and see… (read more)

Free to Be ME – Aquarius – 2017

Aquarius encourages us (1) to be innovative, (2) to experiment with novel ideas, and (3) to dare to be our unique selves. While the Sun shines in Aquarius, we can examine any resistance to the above and pursue our path to internal freedom. January 19 – The Sun Jumps into Aquarius 1:24 PM PST (22:24… (read more)

Kundalini Yoga – MA – the Loving Embrace of the Mother

In Kundalini Yoga and other disciplines, MA is a multifaceted archetypal sound and vibration that evokes Sacred Mother energy, which nurtures all without exclusion or discrimination. Chanting MA helps both men and women relate to the primal essence of the universal creative power and develop an attitude of deep respect and gratitude toward the Feminine… (read more)

Capricorn 2016-2017 – Climbing the Mountain of Life

When the Sun moves from festive Sagittarius into hard working Capricorn at the Winter Solstice, our mood changes. Light heartedness can shift into heaviness, inexplicable tiredness, and even depression. We can, however, adapt to the Earth’s shift and planetary change and honor our journey inward during this time of darkness. This is a time to… (read more)

A Month of Cyber Mondays

Dear Friends, Sat Nam! Our end of year sale at Yoga Technology continues right through until January 3rd of next year. You can enjoy great deals on all our products – discounts of 30% or more, with 40% off the price of all my books and manuals. What better time to complete your collections? We also… (read more)

Sagittarius 2016 – Where Are We Headed?

Guided by optimistic and expansionist Jupiter, Sagittarius is an adventurer who is willing and eager to explore the unknown. November 21 – December 20 – the Sun Shines in Sagittarius Fire sign Sagittarius must meet the challenges of physical reality to reach its spiritual goals. In its naive state, its fiery temperament, recklessness, and gullibility… (read more)