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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

Virgo Perfects Our Path – 2015

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Volume 1

Virgo helps us clarify, focus on, and work toward what makes us feel independent and whole. Virgo succeeds when it collaborates with its polarity Pisces to achieve oneness with Spirit in the human incarnation. The Virgo archetype teaches us that the body is the vessel of our soul and that the Earth and all its… (read more)

Leo Is on Stage 2015

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition

Leo is about discovering our special talents and gifts and bringing these expressions into manifestation. The majestic Lion is a conscious ruler of its own destiny. And it has what it takes — courage, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, and an indomitable spirit. July 22-23 – The Sun Shines in Leo 8:31 PM PDT (3:31 GMT) The… (read more)

The Sun Flows in Cancer 2015

Guru Rattana

The Cancer archetype is about how we digest life. The quality of our digestion depends upon the health of both our physical and emotional bodies. If our emotional state is unstable and wounded, our emotions can eat us from the inside out. Perpetual emotional conflict and trauma is a major cause of our physical ailments…. (read more)

NEW – Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Volume 1

Sat Nam! I have exciting news. My new book, Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation – Begin and Deepen Your Practice, will be launched online by Yoga Technology on Sunday 21st June. Those of you going to New Mexico for the Summer Solstice Celebration will also be able to purchase a copy from the Spirit… (read more)

Computing from Your Heart

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition

(Read Blog The Sun Shines in Gemini 2015 for supplemental information.) We have been programmed to deal with life from apprehension and negativity, i.e. fear and anger. Trapped in our dualistic mind, our psyche computes conflict, not love and joy. To advance on our spiritual path, we must monitor how we deal with life, each… (read more)

The Sun Shines in Gemini 2015

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana PhD

As the Sun enters playful Gemini, we get a light-hearted breather from taking life so seriously. Well, on the surface that is. The Sun Dances into Gemini May 21 at 1:45 AM PDT (8:45 AM GMT) where it stays until June 21 when it enters Cancer at 9:38 AM PDT (16:38 GMT) The Gemini Twins… (read more)

Taurus Connects Us to Our Earth Mother

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD

  While the Sun shines in Taurus, we connect with our Earth Mother, take special care of our physical body, and assess how we are dealing with physical reality. The new beginning phase is over, which included the beginning of the calendar New Year, Chinese New Year, the spring equinox, the zodiac new year, and… (read more)

Aries and New Beginnings

The Power of Neutral by Guru Rattana PhD

New beginnings is the theme for this month. It is time to take stock of your evolutionary progress. Where have you noticed profound inner and outer shifts that set the stage for a new chapter in your life? March 20 – The Sun Moves into Aries 3:45 PM PDT (15:45 GMT) The Sun sprints into… (read more)