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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga


Dear Friends, Sat Nam! I am teaching a WORKSHOP - YOUR PATH TO INNER PEACE WHEN – Saturday March 29th – 1 to 4:30pm LOCATION – SOUL OF YOGA in Encinitas, CA COST – $35 Let’s all join together for inner and outer peace. Sign up at this link Your Path to Inner Peace Vibrate… (read more)

Me and My Heartbeat Meditation

When our self-analysis confuses us and our thoughts make us anxious, it is very useful to remember Yogi Bhajan’s words, ‘There is nothing right or wrong, thinking makes it so, and you can think either way.’ *(1) Too many thoughts jam our brainwaves and block our awareness of our subtle existence. We develop an awareness… (read more)

Aries – Me and My Reality

In Aries territory we ask ourselves — How can I expand my identity and deepen my awareness of who I am? We suffer because we lack knowledge about our Soul Self. In our unawakened state we carry the burdens of unconscious thoughts, emotions, and actions that erroneously define who we are. We also suffer because… (read more)

The Sun Shines in Aries 2014

The Sun moves into Aries the day of the spring equinox. (fall in the southern hemisphere.) The change of seasons and the first sign of the zodiac (1) initiate a new beginning, (2) signal a rebirth, (3) awaken the possibility of an expanded vision, and (4) create pathways for a new direction for our lives…. (read more)

Expansion in PISCES

The water signs lead us on our inner journey. Cancer brings our awareness to our feelings, moods, and emotional body. Scorpio awakens deep sensitivity to our primal instincts, how they control our inner reality, and how they must be loved to tap into our authentic power. In Pisces territory we seek transcendental experiences. The Pisces… (read more)

The Sun Shines in Pisces 2014

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the final stage of our human journey. Pisces energy is cloudy, fluid, and super sensitive. When we are floating on a cloud, there is no ground to stand on. We can feel disoriented in the Pisces zone. Through the disappearing act of dissolution Pisces helps us… (read more)

Expand the Edge of Your Consciousness

In one of my recent Inner Awareness Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes, we explored how to expand our consciousness. Here are some things that created openings and expansion for my students – Let go of tension in my body Move my body Let go of resistance Be compassionate toward myself Don’t judge myself or anything… (read more)

Expansion in Aquarius

The Aquarius comfort zone is outside the box. The Water Bearer lives on the edge, directing its attention, not toward the comfortable, convenient, or conventional, but continually pushing the envelope toward: the undiscovered the yet to be explored, and the vastness of the unknown. Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus are the most original archetypes… (read more)

The Sun Shines in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius reminds us of our individuality and helps us realize that above ego, tribe, family, religion, race, and nationality, we are all members of one global family. JANUARY 19/20 – FEBRUARY 18 – The Sun shines in Aquarius. 7:51 PM PST (3:51AM GMT) through February 18 at 10 AM PST (18:00 GMT)… (read more)

Expansion in Capricorn and Earth Signs

Each new year begins while the Sun shines in Capricorn. May the wisdom of the Mountain Goat initiate you into a successful, healthy and prosperous new year! Each of our lives is a unique, dynamic, and ever-evolving dance between a multitude of factors and energies. For many it is exciting to tune into Jupiter and… (read more)