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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

A Month of Cyber Mondays


Dear Friends, Sat Nam! Our end of year sale at Yoga Technology continues right through until January 3rd of next year. You can enjoy great deals on all our products – discounts of 30% or more, with 40% off the price of all my books and manuals. What better time to complete your collections? We also… (read more)

Sagittarius 2016 – Where Are We Headed?

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

Guided by optimistic and expansionist Jupiter, Sagittarius is an adventurer who is willing and eager to explore the unknown. November 21 – December 20 – the Sun Shines in Sagittarius Fire sign Sagittarius must meet the challenges of physical reality to reach its spiritual goals. In its naive state, its fiery temperament, recklessness, and gullibility… (read more)

Guru Rattana’s London Workshop and New Book Launch


My much anticipated London Workshop – Awaken to Love with Japji – will take place on the weekend October 22/23rd in the beautiful spiritual surroundings of the Central Gurdwara,  62, Queensdale Road, London W11 4SG, UK I will show you how to understand and experience the spiritual path as taught by Guru Nanak in Jap-ji. We will… (read more)

Libra Seeks Balance and Harmony – 2016

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

Our lives are filled with many diverse relationships — from family members, intimate partners, friends, co-workers, to casual acquaintances and brief interactions with service personnel. While the Sun shines in Libra we explore how we interact with each one another. September 22 – the Sun Enters Libra at the fall equinox 1:21 AM PDT (8:21… (read more)

Sing to Your Soul

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

Jap-ji is the song eternal, song of love, and song of spiritual wisdom. – Yogi Bhajan In this blog I would like to introduce my new book Sing to Your Soul, which explains the essence of Jap-ji, the spiritual discourse of Guru Nanak. It is recommended by Yogi Bhajan to read Jap-ji at the beginning… (read more)

Leo Shines the Heart Light 2016

Sing to Your Soul - Jap-ji explains the spiritual path

When the Sun shines in Leo, we are reminded that our life journey is about learning to be our authentic selves and to shine our heart light in the world. July 22 -August 22 – The Sun Shines in Leo 2:30 AM PDT (9:30 GMT) The Sun moves into Virgo August 22 at 9:39 AM… (read more)