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Personal Transformation through Kundalini Yoga

Libra – New Millennium Being

Astrology with Guru Rattana

Dear Friends Sat Nam The Sun enters Libra on the day of the equinox – September 23rd. I am currently in the beautiful Frushka Mountains in northern Serbia, teaching my annual teacher training course for Russian Kundalini Yoga students.¬†This training includes translation for Russian-speaking students and this year is attended be students from Russia, Ukraine,… (read more)

Leo Solar Eclipse – Aug. 21, 2017 and Heart Shield Meditation

Astrology with Guru Rattana

The Leo Solar Eclipse August 21 is a rare second consecutive New Moon in Leo. When the Moon’s shadow blocks the entire spectrum of solar radiation, an opening is created to awaken consciousness to expanded realities. The suspension of electromagnetic energy momentarily disrupts the magnetic field of the Earth and its inhabitants, causing a reconfiguration… (read more)

Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse 2017

Astrology with Guru Rattana

August 7 – Aquarius Lunar Eclipse 11:10 AM PDT (6:10 PM GMT) at 15 degrees A lunar eclipse is an extra powerful Full Moon. An energetic opening is created that offers us a chance to significantly shift how we view reality and operate in the world. As the last air sign, Aquarius represents the group… (read more)


From 1999 until starting my Blog in the spring of 2013 I published The New Millennium Being. Its purpose was to help guide us into the 21st century and the Aquarian Age, focusing on our personal preparation and how we could each, in our own unique way, establish a connection with our Self and follow… (read more)

Expand Your Mind – Sagittarius Full Moon 2017

At each Full Moon zodiac polarities confront each other. The Sun in Gemini stimulates mental activity, new ideas, and emotional unpredictability. Our repressed emotions can be randomly expelled through the mouth (tweets). The Moon in Sagittarius helps us expand our vision of what is possible and our perspective of what is really going on. We… (read more)

Meditation for Telepathic Communication – Gemini

Meditation for Telepathic Communication – Gemini Gemini’s master challenge is to become conscious of HOW and WHAT we communicate? (BTW, the American President is a Gemini.) The Gemini archetype is personified by a pair of Twins, who represent the dualistic mind – the positive and negative minds. Unless the Twins can swing together in unison… (read more)